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show cdp neighbors

To display detailed information about neighboring devices discovered using Cisco Discovery Protocol, use the show cdp neighbors command in privileged EXEC mode.

show cdp neighbors [type number] [detail]

Syntax Description

type (Optional) Interface type that is connected to the neighbors about which you want information; possible valid values are ethernet, fastethernet, gigabitethernet, tengigabitethernet, port-channel, and vlan.

number (Optional) Number of the interface connected to the neighbors about which you want information.

detail (Optional) Displays detailed information about a neighbor (or neighbors) including network address, enabled protocols, hold time, and software version.

Usage Guidelines

The vlan keyword is supported in Catalyst 6500 series switches that are configured with a Supervisor Engine 2.

The port-channel values are from 0 to 282; values from 257 to 282 are supported on the call switching module (CSM) and the firewall services module (FWSM) only.


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