S/N lookup to see which model AP I am working with

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Thank you for the reply.

And here is what is said:

ap>sh inventory

NAME: "AP520", DESCR: "Cisco Aironet 520 Series (IEEE 802.11b/g) Access Point"


I am trying to get this AP to work with a 526 Control Manager, and everything I am reading says I need to use a LAP521 AP.

This is what I am trying to figure out, if the purchased AP listed above is one that will work with the 526 Control Manager or do I need to convert the AIR-AP521G-A-K9 into a AIR-LAP521G-A-K9 because the company purchased the wrong AP to work with the 526?

Leo Laohoo Fri, 04/10/2009 - 20:23

Firstly, I'm not familiar with the AP520 nor the WLC526.

Whether your AP is identified as AIR-AP or AIR-LAP it all depends on the firmware it's currently running. Confused? Good.

AP's can run either Autonomous IOS (aIOS) or CAPWAP/LWAP IOS or "lite" (aka RCV image).

So, if you mistakenly ordered an AIR-AP (AP with Autonomous IOS), it's no biggie, you can convert it to CAPWAP/LWAP IOS.

Converting an Autonomous Access Point using CCA


Hope this helps.


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