Recommendation for best config doc for ASA5505

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roshan.maskey Fri, 04/10/2009 - 15:11
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Hi John,

The best configuration depends on your requirement

1. what features you want to enable

2. what zones are connected to asa

3. placement of ASA in your network

If you could provide a bit detail of your deployment plan, we can assist you to get your best possible configuration.

I did not do a good job asking the question, sorry. What I really need is a recommendation on which document; online or written which would best explain the details of how to configure an ASA 5500.

I am taking over the responsibility of managing our exisiting firewalls and I need a primer on how to understand what we presently have so I can make recommendations for future chages and do troubleshooting.

hobbe Tue, 04/14/2009 - 01:27
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The more specific the rulebase is, the more secure the configuration is, and at the same time the more configuration problems and issues you will have.

so the best one is the one where you can specify every transaction through it in both rulebase and time.

sorry that I can not give you a whitepaper on how to configure firewalls but i have not found anyone that is specific and applyable.

its always either way.


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