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Apr 10th, 2009
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Our company has ME-3400-24-TS installed in a Local C.O. There are multiple Telco devices that are phyically connected on individual LAN ports. From my desk which is not physically connected to the ME-3400 in the C.O, I can ping the Device in question. I am on the "Corp" Network, but in another state. Why is it you can ping the device remotely, but not from a local P.C on the same subnet. I know by switching the port-type to nni it works, but I am only limited to (4) nni port-types. Is there another config. I can implement so the Local C.O techs can ping/telnet to their Telco devices directly ?? Thanks

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By default, ping is supported on network node interfaces (NNIs), but you cannot ping from a user network interface (UNI) because the control-plane security feature drops ICMP response packets received on UNIs. Use the port-type interface configuration command to change the port type on a Cisco ME switch from a network node interface (NNI) to a user network interface (UNI) or the reverse.


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