Direct SIP integration between CUCM and OCS 2007 R2

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Apr 11th, 2009
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Direct SIP integration between CUCM and OCS 2007 R2

We have integrated OCS and CUCM through CUPS 7.x which is working fine, RCC from MOC, simultaneous ring on Cisco IP Phone and MOC client all this works fine.

What we want to do next is

Direct SIP integration between CUCM 7 and OCS 2007 R2 without CUPS and Mediation Server

Is this possible? I got information from Microsoft that CUCM is qualified for direct SIP integration with CUCM without CUPS or Mediation Server.

Ideally we want same extension number for IP Phone and MOC, simultaneous ring, RCC.

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mkazim Sun, 04/12/2009 - 23:23
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Thanks Sushil,

Yes I have gone through this document but as said Mediation Server is required.

As per Microsoft - OCS 2007 R2 can have direct SIP connection with Communications Manager 7.x



Sushil Kumar Katre Mon, 04/13/2009 - 00:59
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Hi Musa,

I went through few microsoft documents as well and found that Mediation Server will be required.

Few references -

Do you have any document/link which you are referring where it states that mediation server won't be required.

From the second link -

What is Direct SIP with IP-PBX?

In Direct SIP, an Office Communications Server's *Mediation Server* is directly connected to a SIP/PSTN gateway or an IP-PBX. Microsoft provides the Unified Communications Open Interoperability Program (OIP) for the qualification of third-party solutions for interoperability with Microsoft Office Communications Server. Under the OIP, Direct SIP is based upon common industry standards (SIP over TCP, RTP, G.711…). Direct SIP with a SIP/PSTN gateway enables Office Communications Server to exchange calls directly with the PSTN, as well as with virtually any TDM PBX, and (via back to back SIP/PSTN gateways) with virtually any IP-PBX.

-> Sushil

Tommer Catlin Mon, 04/13/2009 - 08:10
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yes, the Mediation server is required. Remember, OCS is an "umbrella" of products. OCS IM server, Mediation Server, OCS Exchange, OCS Frontend, Director, etc.

There is nothing CUCM and OCS IM server can do. The OCS server does not handle calls or SIP calls. For it to that, you must have a Mediation server. It will move the Enterprise Voice traffic (MSFT term) to/from the OCS IM client.

Now, if you have a presence server, you can do Remote Call Control and on/off hook status. CUCM---presence---OCS. (OCS IM server)

make sense?

mkazim Mon, 04/13/2009 - 08:49
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Thanks Guys,

Yes that make sense.

I got conformation from Microsoft Tech guys that Mediation Server is must.

“Mediation Server is our integration point for any telephony system (Cisco, Avaya, Nortel,….etc) , so no way to integrate without Mediation Server.”

This makes clear that Mediation Server in must to integrate MS-OCS with Cisco Call Manager without Presence Server.

I personally prefer going with Cisco Presence Server for the integration, which will give the presence and RCC functionally.

Just wanted to check one more thing, when CUCM will start supporting dual forking how the integration will be? It will be direct OCS and CUCM? Or we will still be needing mediation server?

Looks like CUCIMOC (Cookie Mock) will make our life easy

Check out



Tommer Catlin Mon, 04/13/2009 - 10:05
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I believe you can do forking today. I have not tried it yet, but someone other guys in the forum have played around with it. Basically you will still need the mediation server. Its CUCM directly connected to the Mediation server.

The snapin for the OCS client allows the OCs client to pick which device they want to control. It came out in January. works well. If a user has (2) phones, or (2) lines, they can pick which one they want to control and have presence on.

Vaijanath Sonvane Wed, 06/17/2009 - 03:15
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Hi Musa,

I need your help. I am integrating the CUCM with OCS server using CUPS and Mediation server. I am totally new to the CUPS and OCS server. I want to know how CUPS and OCS works. Do you have any documentation of integration other than Cisco Document which is more understable.

Thanks in advance..

Tommer Catlin Wed, 06/17/2009 - 05:48
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Because CUPS does not go to the Mediation server. It goes the IM server.

Mediation server would go to either an IOS router or to CUCM directly (dpending on your version.)

Vaijanath Sonvane Wed, 07/01/2009 - 02:34
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We have connected the Mediation server to the IOS gateway... At Present the OCS is only integrated the with CUCM not with CUPS ( take some time to integrate with OCS)

Now I have integrated the CUCM ver 7.0.2 with CUPS ver 7.0.3. Done the following configuration for the IP Phone:

1. Configured SCCP IP Phone in CUCM with DN

2. Configured the End user and associated the configured IP Phone

3 Configured the end user on IP Phone configuration Settings as well as on DN.

4. Configured the IP Phone Service and Subscribed on the Phone.

But when I Press the Services button on IP Phone I am getting the below message:

"You were trying to access IP Phone Messenger service from a device not provisioned on Cisco CallManager server. Please work with your system administrator to get this device configured."

Is there any problem in the configuration? Does anyone know what colud be the problem?

How to test this scenario without OCS?

Thanks in Advance......


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