7940 Config and flash issues

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Apr 11th, 2009

Hi, i'm hoping somebody can please help me.

I have been using VOIP via a softphone for a couple of years now, I decided that I wanted to have a go at setting up a Cisco phone. So I have got a 7940G second hand which works fine. I am a home user trying to learn so I am using a BT Homehub with dynamic IP and SIP on voip-talk.org

The phone was still configured form the previous owner with subnet, DNS, FTP, VLAN etc. I couldn't find a how to edit these settings, so I thought if I set it back to factory defaults, told it to delete network cfg. I thought on restarting it might ask me to input the detail? but it showing "configuring VLAN" and then constantly stays on "configuring IP"

although it stills picks up an IP via DHCP and I can ping it ok, I can also browse on to the web interface which show the following info


MAC Address 00137FA9D10B

Host Name SEP00137FA9D10B

Phone DN

App Load ID P00307020400

Boot Load ID PC0303010100

Version 7.2(4.0)

Expansion Module 1

Expansion Module 2

Hardware Revision 4.4

Serial Number INM09101LK3

Model Number CP-7940G

Codec ADLCodec

Amps 5V Amp

C3PO Revision 2

Message Waiting NO


DHCP Server

BOOTP Server Yes

MAC Address 00137FA9D10B

Host Name SEP00137FA9D10B

Domain Name home

IP Address

Subnet Mask

TFTP Server 1

Default Router 1

Default Router 2

Default Router 3

Default Router 4

Default Router 5

DNS Server 1

DNS Server 2

DNS Server 3

DNS Server 4

DNS Server 5

Operational VLAN Id

Admin. VLAN Id

CallManager 1

CallManager 2

CallManager 3

CallManager 4

CallManager 5

Information URL

Directories URL

Messages URL

Services URL

DHCP Enabled No

DHCP Address Released Yes

Alternate TFTP Yes

Erase Configuration NO

Forwarding Delay YES

Idle URL

Idle URL Timer 0

Authentication Url

Proxy Server Url

PC Port Disabled YES

SW Port Configuration AUTO

PC Port Configuration AUTO

TFTP Server 2

User Locale

Network Locale

Handset Only Mode No

User Locale Version

Network Locale Version

GARP Enabled Yes

Voice VLAN Enabled Yes

Auto Line Select Enabled No

Video Capability Enabled No

DSCP For Call Control default

DSCP For Configuration default

DSCP For Services default

Security Mode Non Secure

Web Access Enabled

Connection Monitor Duration 0


Basically I need to know first all how to at least change the settings, as I don't have access via the phone itself or the web interface. And I will probibly also need to reflash the firmware with something that will do SIP.

Thanks for looking and your help

I have this problem too.
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guy.kramer Sat, 04/11/2009 - 09:16

and in the the device debug log it keeps showing this error:

2027-08-06 09:04:39.990 Code:8107, P:0, S:0

the date doesn't change but the time does, not sure if the is any help?

pkentsmith Fri, 04/17/2009 - 05:47


I think the main issue you have with this phone is that its not picking up a TFTP server IP address and therefore cannot download any configuration details.

As a start i'd check that the IP address range that it has got via DHCP has an option 150 setup to your CUCM TFTP server.

Once its got this, if you have auto registration setup if should at least boot up

Hope this helps



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