Network Active Standby Redundancy.

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Apr 13th, 2009

Hello Freinds,

I need to create the network scenerio attached herewith for network traffic redundancy.

Primary Path of access network should be via Cisco Aggregation switch "1" to Gwateway 4507 switch A and then to Parent ISP node / Internet.

In case of failure of primary path i.e either Aggregation switch 1 or Gateway Switch A or Primary Both WAN Links. Access traffic automatically shift on redundanct secondary path i.e via Agreegation switch "2" to Gwateway Switch B and then to parent ISP node/ internet when Primary conectivity restored traffic will again automatic revert as it is on primary path.

Access devices connected from Agreegation switches (i.e one leg on Agg Switch 1 and other on agg switch 2) by access ports from aggregation switches.

Please help me with configs for proposed setup.


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