CTIOS cannot connect with CTI Gateway

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I had just installed IPCC 7.0 LAB all components in one machine (sprawler)router,logger,CG,VRUPG,CCMPG. every thing is ok except the CTIOS it gives

21:05:08 LogWrapper::WaitForServerWindowHandle(3)

21:05:08 LogWrapper::WaitForServerWindowHandle(3), finished

21:05:08 LogWrapper::LaunchTraceServer, finished

21:05:08 LogWrapper::RegisterWithTraceServer, sending registration

21:05:08.046 LogWrapper::Start, WaitThread started successfully.

21:05:08.046 CGlobalExceptionHandler::InstallGlobalExceptionHandler()

21:05:08.046 CGlobalExceptionHandler::PruneMiniDumpFiles()

21:05:08.046 CGlobalExceptionHandler::PruneMiniDumpFiles -- There are no files matching the


21:05:08.046 CTIOS Server unique instance name [lab].

21:05:08.046 CTIOS Server unique component number [CTIOS1].

21:05:08.046 CTIOS Server unique registry name [CTIOS_lab\CTIOS1].

21:05:08.046 CTIOS Server unique console title name [lab_CTIOS1 ctios server].

21:05:08.046 CTIOS Server unique name for events, semaphores, etc...


21:05:08.046 CTitleBarMsg::CTitleBarMsg(), disabling quick edit mode...

21:05:08.046 CTitleBarMsg::CTitleBarMsg(), quick edit mode is disabled.

21:05:08.046 lab_CTIOS1 ctios server [7.0 07383] [STARTING]

21:05:08.046 LogWrapper::Trace(uint, TCHAR, va_list), caught exception.

21:05:08.046 CConfigurationServer::ReadSecurityConfig(), security path


21:05:08.046 CConfigurationServer::ReadSecurityConfig(), security is disabled

21:05:08.046 CConfigurationServer::ReadSecurityConfig(), NumBytesRenegotiation[1073741824]

21:05:08.046 CGenericStorage::GetDataFromRegistry(). Table Not found in the registry.

21:05:08.046 CGenericStorage::GetDataFromRegistry(). Table Not found in the registry.

21:05:08.062 CGenericStorage::GetDataFromRegistry(). Table Not found in the registry.

21:05:08.062 CGenericStorage::GetDataFromRegistry(). Table Not found in the registry.

21:05:08.062 CGenericStorage::GetColumnNamesFromRegistry(). RegEnumKeyEx() failed. No Data


21:05:08.062 CGenericStorage::GetDataFromRegistry(). GetColumnNamesFromRegistry failed.

Error :: -103

21:05:08.062 StartThreads, Starting 6 IOCP worker threads

21:05:08.062 WorkerThread, started ThreadID[8480]

21:05:08.062 WorkerThread, started ThreadID[1076]

21:05:08.062 WorkerThread, started ThreadID[ 932]

21:05:08.062 WorkerThread, started ThreadID[1160]

21:05:08.062 Connection Settings: ListenPort: 42027, TOS: 0, ClientPoolInitialSize: 500,

ClientPoolMinSize: 50, ClientPoolIncrement: 25, AcceptPoolSize: 200,

KeepAliveEnable: 1, KeepAliveInterval: 5000, KeepAliveTime: 3000

21:05:08.062 WorkerThread, started ThreadID[8184]

21:05:08.062 WorkerThread, started ThreadID[ 580]

21:05:08.109 ServiceBroker:StartTrashCollector-Trash collection interval = 7200 sec.

21:05:08.109 SYSTEM: CTIOS ServerID is now [sr-ark-oas03:42027].

21:05:08.109 ServiceBrokerQ - SetThreadPriority highest

21:05:08.109 lab_CTIOS1 ctios server [7.0 07383] [OFFLINE]

21:05:08.109 lab_CTIOS1 ctios server [7.0 07383] [CONNECTING, CG:, CGPort:


21:05:08 Initializing Node Manager Library.

21:05:08.109 ** Attempting to connect to server [ ( port:42027] **

21:05:09.109 CCtiSvrConnection(00BC9E10)::StartConnectionMgr() WARNING: Previous connection

manager not yet stopped.

21:05:09.296 CNotSecureNetPort(00BC8AB8)::Open, WARNING,, Connection to Host[], Target

machine refused connection. (WSAECONNREFUSED), Error Number(10061).

21:05:09.296 Switching Sides:

every thing seems ok, ports...etc

I have this problem too.
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Hiep Tran Wed, 04/15/2009 - 21:36

Do a netstat -an on your box and see if anything is listening on port 42027. If there isn't then I would re-reun setup on your CG and make sure that the right port number was entered for the CG to listen for a CTIOS connection.

Hiep Tran Thu, 04/16/2009 - 17:18

Just another thought....make sure that you have installed the JTAPI version that is from your CCM that you are connecting to. Also, I noticed that you have 2 PG's on this box. Make sure that your CG# matches the PG# of the agent PG and not the VRUPG (e.g if CCM PG is PG1 then CG is CG1...same if it is PG2, CG is CG2 even if you don't have a CG1)




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