ER/Bootloader code to use with WiSM and 4402 Upgrade to 4.2.176?

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Apr 14th, 2009

We're about to upgrade two WiSMs and one 4402 to the code (from, and I had a couple of questions:

- How do I see what bootloader code I'm running? If I do a "show tech-support", "show sysinfo", or "show run-config", they all say my bootloader version is (that doesn't seem right)

- My gear is new enough that it probably already has the bootloader code, therefore should I load the ER bootloader file since I'll already have the WLAN down for the code upgrade?

Thanks in advance...

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Scott Fella Tue, 04/14/2009 - 14:36

The show run-config should show the correct bootloader which is 4.2.112. Here is a snip of a cisco doc:

Cisco recommends that you also install the Cisco Unified Wireless Network Controller Boot Software ER.aes file on the controller. This file resolves defect CSCsd52483 and is necessary to ensure proper operation of the controller. The ER.aes file can be installed on all controller platforms.

Unlike previous ER images, a new bootloader file is not loaded when you install the ER.aes file. This is true for all controllers. The ER.aes file is the last ER file to contain a bootloader. If you want the latest bootloader, install the ER.aes file. If you want to obtain the fix for CSCsd52483, also install the ER.aes file.

The ER.aes files are independent from the controller software files. You can run any controller software file with any ER.aes file, but when you install the latest boot software file ( ER.aes), it ensures that the boot software modifications in all of the previous and current boot software ER.aes files are installed.

Leo Laohoo Tue, 04/14/2009 - 17:36

Q1: "sh sysinfo" will show you what bootloader you are using.

Q2: The last "true" bootloadeer is In other words, if you have this bootloader and you upgraded to the, the output to the command "sh sysinfo" will still come up as loaded bootloader.

Robert.N.Barrett_2 Wed, 04/15/2009 - 07:15

Thanks to all, but as I mentioned above, issuing the "show sysinfo" command on my controller shows the bootloader version as

I've been told that this behavior is a bug in some versions of the bootloader code. It's not worth opening up a TAC, and I know the right command to use in the future after I've loaded up the bootloader code.


owensm Wed, 04/15/2009 - 09:39

I just completed an enterprise upgrade of WISM blades and 4400 controllers using code and bootloader code of This was soley based off Cisco online documentation and opening up a TAC case for confirmation. So far it's been over six months since it's been installed and I've had no issue.


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