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Hi !

I'm currently prepare my BSCI Exam certification.

To do, I had buy Cisco press book Official Exam Certification Guide, authors are speak too much lightly about IIN, SONA and AON concept for my understanding. I try to find some documents on Cisco's web site, but most of which I find, are much marketting and case studdy, then technical.. is some one have any document I can read, which can help me in my certification process...

Second question, with EIGRP, is it possible for single router to run more than one EIGRP process (each in one for a different autonomous system) ?

Thanks a lot !

I have this problem too.
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Hi !

Like I had tell in my first posting I read Official Certification Guide for prepare my CCNP certification, if some topic I meet in this reading I will try to find any other document to help me in my studdy process...

Before my posting I did not check if it was listed on the examn topic on the Cisco web site....

Because i was in the book I read for my CCNP preparation I had try to find some other documentation which can help my in my studdy process... Like as I do yesterday about route aggregation...

in the book I was'nt able to understand the process how I can summerize IP route... I find document on the web which I hope canb help me.... Also the document in question contain also some question/reponse as exercice... (on 3com sites....) If you know any Cisco document like this it will also welcome...

Thanks a lot in advance....


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