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Apr 16th, 2009
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is it supported using ospf with the performance routing?

i use the ospf to inject the parent route which will be /24 and performance routing will inject static route / 28 tagged by 1500. when i configured the router to implement this solution i got the below error:

*Apr 16 12:52:35.313: %OER_MC-5-NOTICE: Uncontrol Prefix, Couldn't fi

nd the best exit

*Apr 16 12:52:35.317: %OER_MC-5-NOTICE: Uncontrol Prefix, Couldn't ch

oose exit in prefix timeout

*Apr 16 12:52:35.389: %OER_MC-5-NOTICE: Uncontrol Prefix, Couldn'

t find the best exit

*Apr 16 12:52:35.393: %OER_MC-5-NOTICE: Uncontrol Prefix, Couldn'

t choose exit in prefix timeout

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Joseph W. Doherty Thu, 04/16/2009 - 04:01
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My understanding has been PfR only supported parent routes that were BGP or static. However, from a recent post, it seems 12.4(24)T provided a new PfR feature, PIRO, that's supposed to use any RIB route as a parent route.

mohamed.taher Tue, 04/28/2009 - 00:30
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i upgraded to 12.4 24 to support the PfR - Protocol Independent Route Optimization (PIRO) but now i have another problem the prefix are in policy as show below but there is no any static route for the prefix in policy in the routing protocol

R2#show oer master prefix

OER Prefix Statistics:

Pas - Passive, Act - Active, S - Short term, L - Long term, Dly - Delay (ms),

P - Percentage below threshold, Jit - Jitter (ms),

MOS - Mean Opinion Score

Los - Packet Loss (packets-per-million), Un - Unreachable (flows-per-million),

E - Egress, I - Ingress, Bw - Bandwidth (kbps), N - Not applicable

U - unknown, * - uncontrolled, + - control more specific, @ - active probe all

# - Prefix monitor mode is Special, & - Blackholed Prefix

% - Force Next-Hop, ^ - Prefix is denied

Prefix State Time Curr BR CurrI/F Protocol

PasSDly PasLDly PasSUn PasLUn PasSLos PasLLos

ActSDly ActLDly ActSUn ActLUn EBw IBw

ActSJit ActPMOS ActSLos ActLLos

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INPOLICY @85 Se1/0 RIB-PBR

U U 0 0 0 0

155 152 0 0 1 1


U U 0 0 0 0

159 155 0 0 1 1


pantone168 Tue, 05/12/2009 - 00:34
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I upgraded to 12.4(24),too. But I didn't see PIRO function and could not use ospf as parent...

Would you please share tips about OSPF as parent route on IOS 12.4(24)?

Thanks and Regards,


mohamed.taher Tue, 05/12/2009 - 05:52
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i tested it and it work fine but the only output you can see using debug only, you will not see any change in the routing table. you can use traceroute to make sure that traffic go on the correct link.

pantone168 Wed, 05/13/2009 - 17:26
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I type command "sh oer master prefix" and protocol column didn't show "RIB-PBR" messages...

Another I used the Verifying/Debugging function, but PIRO logs only appeared like below:


PFR PIRO: Control Route,, NH, IF Tunnel212


PFR PIRO: Control Route,, NH, IF Tunnel212


They didn't appeared any other "RIB-Watch" or "PBR" information like web example

Are there any configuration or key I missed that enable PIRO function with OSPF ?



mohamed.taher Wed, 05/13/2009 - 21:28
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there is no any additional configuration to sue PIRO. only the route must be in the routing protocol to be used by performance routing.

pantone168 Wed, 05/13/2009 - 21:58
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My strange situation is that performance routing didn't search RIB, it only accept static route just like older IOS version behavior....

I checked OSPF routing table works well, but PfR just not use that...




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