Cisco Agent Desktop - branch-offices need different languages

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UCCE 7.2(7), CVP 4.0(2), CAD 7.2.1 SR2

When installing the CAD services, the installer asks for the language. I selected English, so when I use the Tomcat URL http://<IP>:8088/TUP/CAD/Install.htm to install an Agent Desktop, the .msi file it pulls down is already configured in English.

How do I change it so I can pull down a French one, a German one, an Italian one etc?

I have branch-offices in different countries (UCCE/CVP) and I want CAD to be in the correct language.

The documentation says that CAD 7.2 has "Support for Windows MUI language packs" and that the Agent and Supervisor apps are localized in many languages.

As I noted, during the install of CAD services the installer asks for the language. The manual says:

From the drop-down list, select the language for contact center agents to use.

This selection determines which localized version of the desktop applications will be installed on agents' and supervisors' desktops. See "Operating Environment Language Requirements" on page 30 for more information.

Have any of you got CAD working in multi-language contact centers?



I have this problem too.
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Not mentioned in the 7.2 installation guide, but there is a new paragraph in the 7.5 installation manual that covers it.

"A site cannot support more than one localized language. All agents and supervisors must use the same language-there cannot be some agents and supervisors using one language and other agents and supervisors using another language."



sebastiaanv Fri, 04/24/2009 - 11:46

Too bad, I saw your question, but haven't worked on a multilingual setup (hence, not much use to answer, unfortunately).

One might expect that installing CAD services on a test/temporary system might provide you the localized CAD MSI's, but I can imagine what a TAC engineer might think of it if they came across it.


villarrealed Sun, 11/08/2009 - 06:43


I've encountered the same request to have localized CAD in multiple languages on the same CAD server. Did you ever come up with a solution?

meocon_eib Wed, 06/02/2010 - 20:51

The documentation says that CAD 7.2 has "Support for Windows MUI language packs". How is "Support for Windows MUI language packs" in Cisco? Thanks you.


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