irv-based campaign implementation

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Apr 18th, 2009
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Hi ,

couldyou please help me in implemetation ivr-based campaign:i just want to let the customer to hear a pre-recorded wave and then released.

i have cisco unfied contact and all inbound calls run sucessfully. i have implemented successfullly agent based campaign using the attached adminstrative script, but i want to use it purly ivr-based campaign,the outbound configuration is completed on the ICM and i checked box of ivr-based on campaign settings, so how to configure in details please, the scripts,translation routes on the ICM scripts and configuration manager,callmanager, CVP,,etc

please i need alldetails to complete this issue properly as cisco guides don't lead me to complete this issue perfectly because no details regarding scriots,translation routes ,CCM, CVP.

i have CVP not IP IVR

question: does the ive-based outbound campain require CVP VXML ports, if so how can configyre that and didicate it for Outbound

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This is fairly well documented in the Cisco Outbound Guide. If you are running CVP 3.x you need the trans route, but for 4.x and 7.x, the use of a type 10 makes it much easier and the trans routes are not needed. Check the Outbound Guide (Transfer to IVR) again.



valiegenus Sat, 04/18/2009 - 10:08
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thanks, but i asked for the details and steps of doing that

OK, I'll have a crack it this.

The config below is CVP 4.x with SIP and no Outbound Proxy. Adjust to suit.

I may have forgotten some minor settings, but I expect you can sort that out.

Please post back here to tell the community whether you have been successful in getting this to work, and to add any comments that may help other readers. I am not writing this down merely to help one person - i.e. you.

1. Create a skill group - say CVP_Outbound

2. Create a route - CVP_Outbound.rt

3. Create a call type - say OutboundXfer_CT

4. Create a call type - say Outbound_CT

5. Assume that the transfer label on your type 10 NVRU on the UCM Routing Client is 8222222222 (not the one on the CVP.RC. Assume you have that and it's the conventional one of 8111111111)

6. Create a SIP trunk to CVP Call Server

7. Create a route pattern in UCM for 8222! associated with the SIP trunk to CVP

8. Create a Transfer to IVR Campaign - Enable IP AMD, Transfer to IVR Route Point, Terminate Tone Detect. Create th enormal stuff associated with a campaign - dialer, dialer ports, query rule, import rule. Set it to power dial with 1.00 lines per "agent" (not reall any agents involved here).

9. Add the Skill Group CVP_Outbound.

10. Set the number of IVR ports (less than or equal to the number of dialer ports)

11. Set the IVR Route Point - say 67008

12. Create a corresponding dialed number on the CUCM.RC.67008

13. Map the dialed number CUCM.RC.67008 to the call type OutboundXfer_CT

14. Schedule your CVP script to play back the message (or whatever it does) against the call type OutboundXfer_CT. Modify it as described in 21 below.

15. Create a route point in CUCM and assign it an extension of 67008

16. Associate this route point with your ICM JTAPI user

17. Create an admin script - say CvpOutboundAdmin

18. Set the variable CVP_Outbound.OutboundControl = PROGRESSIVE_ONLY

19. Set the variable CVP_Outbound.OutboundPercentage = 100

20. Schedule the script to run every minute. Don't forget this part.

21. Create a reservation script called, say Outbound, which has an LAA node attached to the CVP_Outbound skill group. Schedule this against the Outbound_CT. This is for phantom calls to reserve "agents". This is for the MR PG.

22. Modify your CVP script to have a "Send To VRU" node immediately after the start. If you already have one, insert a second one. You need to get the 8222222222 label to the CUCM RC, which then calls the route point and gets the call to CVP. When the script resumes, the second "Send To VRU" node returns 8111111111 and you have a static route like "8111>" to get that call leg to the voice gateway. You cannot use "Send To Originator" because the call has not been originated by the IOS gateway SIP user agent.

23. Make sure you have your customer instance defined, and associated with your NVRU, all your dialed numbers and all the NVRU scripts.



valiegenus Sun, 04/19/2009 - 05:54
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are there any differences in my case as i have CVP7.2.5??


valiegenus Sun, 04/19/2009 - 21:13
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that's right, ICM 7.2(5) and

CVP is 7.0(2) and yes i have SIP server (CUP)


valiegenus Mon, 04/20/2009 - 00:18
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Thank you very much, i have stucked in the steps from 21 ,22,23. could you please send the routing scripts .

as i have a CUP server and the pattern 8222! routed via CUP server, do i need to define a static route on the CUP as "8222* and next hop is the CVP call server" ?

do you mean after the modification of the routing script in step 23 that the call type:outboundXfer has no use else or on other way what is the end result of the routing script schedule and calltype mapping??

the current status is : no thing reach to the routing scrip, the dialer call the customer but hear no thing, i thing that the admin work will but the routing one has problems in desighn and scheduling and mapping

is the outbound dualer option (in ivr-based campaign) requires licensed VXML ports or just deal with the CVP call server?

THANKS and Regards

You have to work through this yourself. You will never understand unless you make mistakes and solve them. That's how we learn UCCE and CVP. We have all had to do this.

There are some small pieces missing but you can figure those out. Where does the Dialer MR PG come in? An exercise for the reader.

8222222222 is the label returned to the CUCM Routing Client at the first "Send To VRU" because it is configured on the NVRU for the CCM.RC for the customer.

This is a route pattern in CUCM pointing down the trunk to CUPS. CUPS then has a to have a static route to CVP. You have to get the call to CVP, and then CVP gets it to the gateway. Draw a picture and try to understand how it works.

If you just use a Microapp to play a message you don't need an Audium (CVP VXML) port.



valiegenus Tue, 04/21/2009 - 03:39
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Thank you very much, your comments and guides very useful and helpful.

i think that it's worked .but it seems that have a problem:

i noted that the dialer is triggered and palcing callsjust when i renamed the import rule file form(file.txt.bak to file.txt) the strange thing is the out)admin script is not scheduled ,as i know the out_admin scipt is the pulse and the controlling of the outbound option,or does it work without admin script??

- i want to use this ivr-based campaign to call 100,000 persons and i have 60 ports are ther any limitations regarding this issue should be considered or just inser 100,000 records n the import file and every thing will go smoothly??

Thanks and regards

I know it does not work unless the admin script is scheduled on the associated SG.

I certainly would not load 100,000 persons into Campaign Manager through the import tool. I would do it in batches and use the Dialing_List_xxxx_yyyy table to analyze success or failure.

Cisco provide the plumbing, but you need to have some out of band applications (SQL functions) to handle the overall functionality, in my opinion.



valiegenus Tue, 04/21/2009 - 21:52
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i asked why the campaign worked and still working without scheduling the admin script? just the routing script which is scheduled.

please what is the way to monitor the ivr-based campaign(the succes call and the failure one and to provide a report for the customer to view his campaign details and reports.


Chris Deren Thu, 08/27/2009 - 11:07
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I am attempting to do the same (except it's H323 which should not matter) and I am confused as to how many ICM scripts are needed here, do I need 2 scripts one for reservation of the agent and one for sending the call to VRU? Or do I do this all in one?


Chris Deren Fri, 08/28/2009 - 05:19
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never mind, i got it.



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