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Apr 18th, 2009

Hi,one of our sites has 2 switches acting as core with hsrp enabled.

Suddenly, last 2 weeks i have noticed that there are some strange messages on the 2nd switch, which is the standby one.

These messages dont appear on primary switch.I have attached the relevant shots.There werent any changes done.

Please advise the possible cause & what should be the rectification?

2)If the 2 switches are connected to each other via fiber patches over gigabit channels , does the hsrp communication take place over these uplinks?What would be the possible issues that would arise if any of these are inactive/down state between the 2 switches?


I have this problem too.
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lamav Sat, 04/18/2009 - 09:21

Hello there, Sunny:



interface Vlan94

description WareHouse

ip address

standby ip

standby priority 110

standby preempt


Standby Switch:



interface Vlan94

description NewBldgL1

ip address

standby ip

standby preempt

This is confusing.

You have different subnets and VIPs assigned to the vlan 94 interfaces on each switch.

You are causing a conflict.

Is the new building supposed to be vlan95 perhaps?



suthomas1 Sat, 04/18/2009 - 09:31

These are the existing running configuration.I may have to check on this.

Would changing the vip resolve the case?

& how about the uplinks.

lamav Sat, 04/18/2009 - 09:39

Yes, the VIP is an IP address that is shared by both vlan 94 interfaces on both switches. They must be the same for any particular HSRP group.

[EDIT} As for the IP address of the interfaces, I just noticed that you are using a /23 mask, so they are indeed both in the same vlan. My mistake. [EDIT]

[EDIT 2] OK, lets try this again. :-) I was right the first time. The IP addresses on the vlan interfaces ARE in different vlans. One is 10.34 and the other is 10.35. I have a horrible sinus infection and the meds are making me more stupid than usual. Sorry.

To summarize: The IP addresses of the interfaces must be in the same subnet and the VIP for each vlan interface must be the same. [EDIT 2]



suthomas1 Sun, 04/19/2009 - 03:24

Thanks for clarifying this.

Would there be any specific reasons why all of a sudden this standip appears different on second switch, even without any manual configurations done.Would vtp have any role in this?


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