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Apr 19th, 2009

Well done Cisco. if you take the time to read most of the interviews you will find that a lot of people refer to the fact that they have to stumble across Netpro rather than find it because of Cisco not advertising it's usefuleness.

So what have they done in response. Buried it even deeper in the links so it is now under "Discussions".

You know, if you don't want people to use NetPro just let us know and then we can concentrate on other things :-).


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Sushil Kumar Katre Sun, 04/19/2009 - 20:31

Hey Jon,

I found this day before that the link is not there under Quick Links.

I am not sure where is it now. Was not able to get "Discussions" link.

I completely agree with you on the part that changing the locations of the links is not going to help, especially because NetPro is not advertised.

I am currently using /go/netpro to access.

-> Sushil

Rob Huffman Mon, 04/20/2009 - 04:39

Hey Jon/Sushil,

It does seem pretty evident that Cisco does not value the thousands of hours of free support they receive from all the great NetPros here :( It makes me wonder about why we even bother...

But, then I think about all the help that I have been given here, along with the great relationships that have been built via these superb Forums!

Come on Cisco, lets see if you really care or if we should all move along to other things as Jon suggested.

Just my 2 cent$


Jon Marshall Mon, 04/20/2009 - 05:59


Thanks for coming back on this. I want to stress that is not a criticism of Dan who we all think does a great job.

But there are times when i do wonder if Cisco realise what a valuable resource they have on their hands. Rob, i too have made some very good friends on these forums and have also received a lot of help from other members so i agree with you on that point.

I guess my initial post was somewhat sarcastic, can't help that - i'm a mancunian :-), but i stand by the point made. I have lost count of the number of times people have said to me that they didn't even know about NetPro until they accidentally found it which just seems counterintuitive to me.


Rob Huffman Mon, 04/20/2009 - 06:40

Hi Jon,

I agree, this is NOT (note the Caps) a knock against Dan who I think everyone who reads these Forums knows is the "cornerstone" of NetPro. But, to hide NetPro under "Communities" on the main CCO Page just seems like a giant step backwards.

I myself, stumbled across NetPro about 3 years ago and have read countless accounts of people who couldn't believe that these Forums weren't more evident on CCO when they finally found them.

I am not really happy with change at the best of times,and that may come with my advancing age ;-) but when it seems so wrong it really makes me cringe!

Cheers! Jon!


Sushil Kumar Katre Mon, 04/20/2009 - 06:55

Hi Jon/Rob,

I completely agree with you, nothing against Dan, but I feel that NetPro needs to be highlighted more. First of all there are a set of people who are completely unaware of this gold (no Platinum) mine and then there are other set of people for whom NetPro is like a mistry place, they are not sure as to what NetPro is.

This community really needs to be highlighted more...

-> Sushil

Daniel Bruhn Mon, 04/20/2009 - 07:52


Thanks for the very kind comments about my work on NetPro. I too, am always amazed at the number of users who aren't aware of NetPro. I promise we take every opportunity we have to highlight NetPro. It's user feedback like this that helps advances our efforts to get NetPro more visibility. These comments will be shared with management.


Dan Bruhn

NetPro Community Manager


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