PVC2300 View over HTTP

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Steven DiStefano Wed, 04/22/2009 - 13:48


I set up a PVC2300 on a PoE Switch behind a Small Business router and enabled RTSP on the Camera and forwarded port 554 to the Static IP address of the Camera as a port forward rule on the router.

I then opened Apple Quicktime and selected Open URL

I typed:   rtsp:///mobile.sdp <--- (I apologize for giving you media.sav before since that didnt work)

the resulting picture (granted very low quality since this is intended for viewing on a 3GPP Smart Phone at low bandwidth cunsumption), but it worked.

For much better quality, I used the FREE SWVMS16 Monitor Utility which can watch up to 16 cameras remotely (powerful PC required for 16).

I usually watch 4-8 on my lap top while doing other things....

I attached that too....



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