Personal Directory XML Parse Error [4]

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Apr 23rd, 2009


Getting the XML Parse error [4] after upgrading from 5.1.2a to 5.1.3c which took the 7961/41 firmware versions to 8.3.2S.

I have had a look around and saw this doc but it refered to the corporate directory on earlier phone firmware version.

I assume the solution to the Personal Directory error is similar, so not being an XML guru (or any sort of guru for that matter) anyone got any instructions on how to and what files I need to amend for the Personal Directory not the Corporate Directory. Will keep looking but just thought I wuold ask here as well



I have this problem too.
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gogasca Thu, 04/23/2009 - 15:22

The "Fast Dials" and "Personal Address Book" feature CSCso28287 was added in CM 6.1(2.1102.1) (and

above). It's also be part of the 6.1(3) release

This was implemented primarily to provide the following missing

functions to 6.x:

a. enable FD configuration as a service (including the FD service

assignment to a line button)

b. display 50 entries at a time (for faster navigation)

c. use within-the-display index to launch a dial (one key press instead

of three key presses)

d. Enable assigning a Fast Dials contact from a PAB contact with one key


e. if less than one page of contacts do not display softbuttons Next,


Note that these changes do not address "CSCdx38158: PIN # for My Address

Book and My Speed Dial do not synchronize", which was also brought up as

a concern related to this. That request describes that if a user

changes their PIN, the user must also update any service subscriptions

(such as PAB & FastDials) that use the pin. This is required since

there is no linkage between the PIN page and the Services pages in

CCMUser. As previously discussed, this functionality is "working as

designed" and was therefore not changed.

UCM 6.1.3 offers any of these:

- Personal Directory

- Personal Address Book

- Fast Dials

configurable as a service. Please consult Release-note at CSCso28287


To configure the service follow "Further Problem Description"


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