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Apr 26th, 2009

there is intervlan routing through OSPF and all the vlans are able to communicate. but I am not able to ping one IP from my PC where as i am able to ping the same IP from MSFC. I am able to ping the VLAN IP and Standby IP of that VLAN from my PC. Please help me to resolve this issue.

interface Vlan114

ip address

no ip redirects

standby ip

standby priority 150

standby preempt


OSPF Config:

router ospf 1



area 10 filter-list prefix hicap in

redistribute connected subnets

redistribute static subnets route-map OSPF-ROUTE

passive-interface default

no passive-interface Vlan1

no passive-interface Vlan2

no passive-interface Vlan17

no passive-interface Vlan112

no passive-interface Vlan113

no passive-interface Vlan114

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 0

network area 10

network area 0

network area 10

Ip Which i am not able to ping from other VLANs

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Giuseppe Larosa Sun, 04/26/2009 - 03:32

Hello Mohammed,

I would verify the default gateway settings of host

what if from switch/MSFC you use an extended ping with source in the vlan where your PC is connected ?

there is no ACL applied to SVI vlan 114.

verify configuration of the SVI for your PC too.

The most likely cause is a missing/wrong default gateway on host

Hope to help


engineer_msu Sun, 04/26/2009 - 04:23

attached is the configuration of the Infinity Wireless AP.

The Subnet Mask is correct. its

There is no ACL

When i am giving extended ping with source VLAN as my PC VLAN, its not pinging.

Richard Burts Sun, 04/26/2009 - 11:36


The information that you posted is helpful. Here is the default route from the config:

#Routing parameters

route add

how is it going to know how to get to

I believe that this explains the issue: the device can not talk to any address that is not in the local subnet because its default route is incorrect.



Marwan ALshawi Sun, 04/26/2009 - 23:43

in your AP you need a route in addition to the default route

which should be for the vlan 20

now based on ur pattched AP config

you have which mean all sent to 192 now the echo comes to the AP and it has no idea where to send the replay becuase sourced from vlan 20 then will send it to 192 link which will not work

u need in addition to the default route additional route for every subnet you have it internal in you switch

this is aproved also when you do extended ping

try to get somthing like this in ur AP


this will solve your issue

good luck

engineer_msu Mon, 04/27/2009 - 04:46


I have connected a machine on LAN, assigned it IP I am able to ping all the VLANS from this PC and again from other VLANS i am not able to ping this PC.

thotsaphon Mon, 04/27/2009 - 05:01


I want to know which gateway ip address you configured for PC-

It should be "". Using HSRP Right?

Hopes this would not be a personal firewall problem. (grin)


engineer_msu Wed, 04/29/2009 - 03:53


Thanks a lot. The issue was personal firewall for PC and when i put the route in the AP it works. Atctually its a wireless router from Infinet, hence it required routing to configured.

Thanks for helping me to resolve the issue.


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