my Cisco 877 router is making a clicking sound

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Apr 26th, 2009

Cisco 877 router is making a clicking sound

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Paolo Bevilacqua about 7 years 5 months ago

Check "show dsl interface", if you see many errors or initializations, you may need an ADSl FW update.

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Paolo Bevilacqua Sun, 04/26/2009 - 14:03

That is the ADSL interface trying to reconnect. Put it on a working circuit and the sound will stop.

zaherhamiyah Tue, 04/28/2009 - 02:51

I read on internet the following:

"After working with the Cisco Technical Assistance Center for about 6 days, the problem was resolved. It turned out to be a problem with the ISP. Changing the dsl operating-mode from auto to itu-dmt changed the atm0 interface status from initializing and down to up and up.

It seems that Verizon had to have changed their protocol even though I had someone call technical assistance and told us that no changes were made.

Before the problem was found, I asked the Customer Support Engineer about the power adapter and he said that he had no records of any similar cases being a problem with a bad power adapter. I also called the company where I purchased the router and they did not carry any power adapters for the 800 series. The technician there also assured me that the power adapter could not be the problem.

Anyone who comes across the same problem and symptoms should try to change the dsl operating-mode before calling the Cisco TAC. There are several departments under the same number and are located around the globe. The departments do not communicate well with each other and each support engineer works on a different time zone which can be difficult to work around. Beware that replacements only come with the basic IOS so if you have a security bundle you will need to copy the IOS from one router to another through a TFTP server. Check model numbers as the support technician tells you what they are sending because they will not warn you about this detail. However once I was transferred to someone that worked in the hardware department he was very knowledgeable (CCNP) and straightforward. Once you get transferred to a specialized department (i.e. hardware, dsl, t1, vpn, etc) then you're in good hands. "

my circuit is working well because i tried a third party router and it was working fine.

Note: my dsl mode is auto, this means even if i put it to itu-dmt it is the same as auto.

any help please.

Correct Answer
Paolo Bevilacqua Tue, 04/28/2009 - 03:35

Check "show dsl interface", if you see many errors or initializations, you may need an ADSl FW update.


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