Need help diagnosing wireless connection problems

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I have a Aironet 1240AG Series AP with System Software Version: 12.3(8)JEA. The AP is powered over ethernet and has been in place for over a year without any problems except within the last month. I have about 20 devices that regularly connect to this AP. In the last 4 weeks, once a week the devices that are associated to the AP do not respond. I can telnet and HTTP to the AP and see that all the devices are still associated to the AP but you cannot ping any of the devices. If you restart the AP, all the devices will auto-connect to it again and everything is working again. I have reviewed the AP event log but nothing stands out, there are no severity error or description that would indicate there is any problem with the AP or authentication.

This problem present itself about once a week, it's random but it has occur once a week for the last 4 weeks. We have wireless handheld scanners and printers that connect to this particular AP.

I am thinking it may be a power issue with PoE. Maybe using the power adapter instead of PoE? I am also debating about upgrading to the latest system software but unsure if this will resolve the problem.

Any feedback is grealty appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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