6513 Sup720 ROMMON version, Firmware FW version.

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What are the current versions? Outputs from show commands:

router#sh version

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.2(17r)SX5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

Is the above the rommon version? It looks the same as the msfc3 firmware - c6msfc3-rm2.srec.122-17r.SX5. This image is the current one.

There is another image on the software download page, named s72033-boot-mz.122-33.SXI1.bin. Is this the ROMMON?

Output from the router#show module version command:

7 2 WS-SUP720-3B SAL1204DTAU Hw : 5.6

Fw : 8.5(2)

Sw : 12.2(33)SXH2a

Sw1: 8.7(0.22)H2A1

WS-SUP720 SAL1203DNM9 Hw : 3.1

Fw : 12.2(17r)SX5

Sw : 12.2(33)SXH2a

WS-F6K-PFC3B SAL1203DNAG Hw : 2.3

The above output looks like I may be seeing two types of firmware, sp firmware at 8.5(2) and rp firmware at 12.2(17r)SX5.

router#sh rom-monitor slot 7 sp

Region F1: INVALID

Region F2: INVALID

Currently running ROMMON from S (Gold) region

What is in the gold region. Where is the gold region?

SITSF-Central-Cat#sh rom-monitor slot 7 rp


Region F2: INVALID

Currently running ROMMON from F1 region

What's in the F1" region? Where is it?

router#upgrade ?

epld Electrically programmable logic devices

filesystem Upgrade filesystem

firmware Upgrade firmware image

hw-module Upgrade hardware module commands

rom-monitor ROM Monitor

The above output shows a difference between firmware and rom-monitor. What about boot versions of the IOS?

I have this problem too.
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I am guessing that the info in show module version is showing the following:

router#sh module version

Mod Port Model Serial # Versions

---- ---- ------------------ ----------- ------------------------------

7 2 WS-SUP720-3B SAL1204DTAU Hw : 5.6 **************** (SUP module)

Fw : ______8.5(2)************** (Firmware image)

Sw : ______12.2(33)SXH2a**************(Native IOS)

Sw1: ______8.7(0.22)H2A1

WS-SUP720 SAL1203DNM9 Hw : 3.1**************** (MSFC3 module)

Fw : ______12.2(17r)SX5**************(Bootstrap)(ROMMON?)

Sw : ______12.2(33)SXH2a*************(Native IOS)

WS-F6K-PFC3B SAL1203DNAG Hw : 2.3************** (PFC module)

It appears, from info on the software center, that the rommon version should currently be 12.2(17r)SX5. This is apparently resident on the MSFC3 and considered Fw.

The software center doesn't have firmware images on anything.

It also appears that an IOS boot image is just the current IOS image without line card support. It would be an optional bootable image.

I am still looking into where you would find a firmware image to use to "upgrade" the sp of the 720 blade. When you do a show rom-monitor slot 7 rp, you see that you are currently running ROMMON from the F1 region. There is also the command sh rom-monitor slot 7 sp, which says that you are currently running ROMMON from S (Gold) region. Do I need to upgrade the sp ROMMON?

There is such a thing as an IOS Field Programable Device in the software center. "IOS Field Programmable Devices" under the switches/6513/720-MSFC3 catagory.



Release Date: 31/Mar/2009

Size: 24104.50 KB (24683008 bytes)

Minimum Memory: DRAM:512 MB Flash:128 MB

I will attempt to see how this works..

Further reading in the forum, shows that you place the FPD Update package on the sup-bootdisk: and make sure the following commands are in global on the switch configuration:

upgrade fpd auto

upgrade fpd path sup-bootdisk:

This will force the file to load at next boot. It will perform the upgrade automagically.

I will try this next week and see how it goes..


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