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Recover a Password on CE 500 switch


• You must have physical access to the switch.

• Make sure that at least one switch port is enabled and is not connected to a device.

If you have lost or forgotten your username and password to the switch, follow these steps to delete all existing username-and-password pairs:

1. Make sure that the SYSTEM LED is solid green.

2. Press the SETUP button until the Setup LED blinks green and the LED of an available port blinks green.

3. Connect your management station directly to the switch port with a blinking green port LED. The port LED turns solid green after the connection.

4. Press the SETUP button until the Setup LED blinks green, and then continue to press the SETUP button for approximately 5 seconds until the Setup LED turns solid green.

All username-and-password pairs are deleted from the switch.

5. Open a web browser session, and display the device manager. The device manager appears without requiring a username and password from you.

6. Assign a username and password through the Usernames and Passwords window.


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