WAE Edge not joining WAE CM

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May 9th, 2009
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Hello There

I have 1 Central manager WAE,1 Core Wae and 1 edge wae. the core wae does register with CM manager. they are separated with layer 2 switch each in different vlan. however the edge way is unable to register with CM, it is saying cms FAILED "CM is too busy" the CM and the edge wae are separated by WAN link running OSPF, there is ICMP reachability. but the edge wae is unable to register. I restored to factory default and i rewrite the configuration the same problem persist? any advise?

I am thinking of upgrading the IOS starting from CM is there any step by step document of that??

thanks for your help


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jecahuao Tue, 05/12/2009 - 01:00
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Hi, some points to review:

1.- Be sure the edge device can open a tcp session to the CM on port 443.

you can try that from the cli with a telnet to the CM ip address on port 443.

2.- Be sure the device is configured to has a primary-interface and the ip addr of the cm is the correct one.

3.- There are no MTU-MSS issues If there is a fw/tunnel/vpn in the middle. Check that using a ping -s 1432 cm-ip-addr, to verify what is the mtu limitation in the path.

WAAS communication could be affected by the overhead.

4.- There are no ntp issues.

If you can access the CM on port 443 and there are no evidence on mtu issues, check the current status of the cms service within the edge device:

1.- run

2.- run

3.- go to config mode and activate cms:

#conf t

(config)#cms enable

eliesbat25 Tue, 05/12/2009 - 01:25
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Thank you for your reply

Actually, I figured out what is the problem, I changed the MTU size under the primary interface from 1500 to 1420, and the Edge WAE is able to register normally.


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