JRM is down or Inaccessible to the user

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May 11th, 2009
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New install of LMS 3.1. Check processes through Common Services takes very long time to obtain output. CmfDbMonitor.log shows:

CmfDbMonitor {Mon May 11 09:23:29 2009} Running DbMonitor version 2.1

CmfDbMonitor {Mon May 11 09:23:29 2009} Sending Initial OK Message to process manager.

CmfDbMonitor ERROR {Mon May 11 09:28:29 2009} Get reply for process failed

CmfDbMonitor WARNING {Mon May 11 09:28:29 2009} Unable to obtain process id for 'CmfDbEngine'.

CmfDbMonitor WARNING {Mon May 11 09:28:29 2009} Failed to check processes on Daemon Manager.

Cannot get jrm to run or CTMJrmServer. Campus and RME home pages show JRM message identified in conversation title. Overall performance very bad. I've reinstalled several times already. Any ideas why jrm is failing?

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kviola1 Mon, 05/11/2009 - 07:02
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btw - This install is on Solaris 9. Before each new install, I ran uninstall.sh and also did a newfs on /opt/CSCOpx and /var/adm/CSCOpx. Even though /opt/CSCOpx and /var/adm/CSCOpx are filesystems (rather than just directories), there have been no problems on any other Solaris 9 installs. Also, no ERRORS were indicated on install output.


yjdabear Mon, 05/11/2009 - 07:29
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Check /opt/CSCOpx/lib/classpath/jrmuser.properties and change "ServiceName=JrmServiceManager_hostname" to "ServiceName=JrmServiceManager_hostname.your-fqdn.tld", if it isn't already. Then, execute

pdexec jrm

pdreg -l jrm

kviola1 Mon, 05/11/2009 - 09:21
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Thanks - but it is already set to fqdn. I'm going to try reinstalling again - this time running the clean_system.sh script after uninstall.sh just in case I missed something. Is it possible other java instances are interfering? The default jre is version 1.4.2_13 which is needed by other security programs on the system. CW is using 1.5.0_10 and 1.6.0_03 as well as 1.6.0_05 for clients, etc. With a fresh install, shouldn't CW LMS use it's own instances of java so there would not be conflicts with other programs? Are there any other factors that might be causing this problem? I think I'm lost to understand this one.

kviola1 Mon, 05/11/2009 - 12:45
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Reinstall did not help. jrm still down. Can't start discovery as well. Looks hopeless.

kviola1 Mon, 05/11/2009 - 13:27
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Thank you Yi. That was good advice but in reverse. The Service Name was the hostname.fqdn. When I changed it to just the hostname, I was able to run jrm and CTMJrmServer. My discovery is now able to run and so far it is successful. Hopefully this was the only problem. Thanks again, Ken.

yjdabear Mon, 05/11/2009 - 15:38
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Doh! I got it in backwards when copy-n-pasting from my notes. Sorry about that. Glad you got it working.


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