Incoming call - prefix in front of incoming caller number- spa9000

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i'd need to put a prefix  in front of the incoming caller number  so to permit the called to recall back with the right without add 0 code ( our prefix for outgoing call). Cisco voice gateway and cme usually calls it "voice translation rules, is there an equal feature in spa9000 ?

thank you for the answer.

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thank you for your answer but i need to put the prefix on spa9000 because i have configured two trunk sip on spa9000, one with prefix 0 for outgoing call e one with prefix 2 for outgoing call, so when i receive incoming calls  and the call arrives on the spa942,i'd need to know from where the call arrives, and this it's not possible if i put this on spa942 because the channel with which it is connected to spa9000 and where it receives and it makes calls it's only one.


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Alberto Montilla Fri, 05/22/2009 - 07:02
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Hi Davide;

I'm not sure I follow your point.

- The outgoing (return) call should be routed based on least call routing, not based on the trunk you received the call, so you should be able to map, with the suggested method the incoming caller ID to the trunk of your preference, e.g.

- If the call starts with 6 (e.g. a mobile phone) you may want to map it to the first trunk (in case of call return) i.e. <:0>6xx.

- If the call starts with anything else, you may want to map it to the second trunk (in case of call return) i.e.  <:2>[0-579]xx.



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