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Hi All,

We're currently in the process of setting up a WAAS environment for a customer, comprising WAE-512's at the central site with WAE-502's at remote sites. The lab environment has a single server next to the WAE-512's and the remote site is connected via a DSL connection to introduce latency. Interception method is via policy route and WAAS version is 4.1.3

WAAS is configured to use the new methods rather than legacy mode and in addition I've disabled SMB signing to enable WAAS to see CIFS.

The issue I have is that WAAS is not caching CIFS traffic. In the Central Manager I can see WAFS traffic being optomised on both the 512 and 502 however file copy time for a >15Mbyte word file is consistently 9 minutes.

Has anyone seen something similar to this before ? Its not an interception issue as the WAAS devices are seeing and optomising the traffic however the remote WAAS is not caching the file.

Also, can anyone advise if its better to use legacy services (core,edge and possibly pre-position) or the new mode ?

The documentation generally on debugging the WAE's seems not to be as good as I'd expect.



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ropethic Thu, 05/14/2009 - 11:11
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Coupe of things ...

1. You state CIFS is being optimized on the core side. Check the connection statistics via Central manager to ensure the core is able to establish a peer connection to the branch.

2. In order for acceleration to take place, all clients must establish new connections to the servers after WAAS is installed. Disconnect /delete all drive mapping

jujouber Mon, 06/08/2009 - 22:11
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You can use the command "sh stat conn" on the Branch and Data Center WAE's to see the state of the connections through the WAE's. If the connections are in Pass Through, you will need captures taken on the WAE's (tcpdump) to see what is going on.

A good way to look into these sorts of issues is by grabbing a sysreport and looking into the /local/local1/logs/cifs_err.log you will see any CIFS issues there.

Also make sure you check all interfaces in the traffic path for speed/duplex as duplex problems kill WAAS performance.


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