Monitoring ACE Ressource Usage with MRTG

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May 15th, 2009

Dear all,

we would like to monitor several ressource usages on our ACE module,

but didn't have much luck so far. In particular we want to have MRTG graphs for :

* CPU usage

In MRTG we tried "Target[lb-admin-cpu]:[email protected]-admin", but it does not graph anything. Are the OIDs not correct ?

* Memory Usage

How is this possible ? Which OID do we have to use ?

* Serverfarm Usage

We would like to monitor the number of connections for each serverfarm and for each rserver. How is this possible ? Which OIDs do we have to use ?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Gilles Dufour Fri, 05/15/2009 - 06:15

Be aware that ACE has multiple CPU.

The OID is for the management CPU (config, probe,...) but not the CPU that actually switches the traffic.

CISCO-PROCESS-MIB::cpmCPUTotalPhysicalIndex.1 = INTEGER: 1

CISCO-PROCESS-MIB::cpmCPUTotal1minRev.1 = Gauge32: 17 percent

CISCO-PROCESS-MIB::cpmCPUTotal5minRev.1 = Gauge32: 16 percent

CISCO-PROCESS-MIB::cpmCPUMonInterval.1 = Gauge32: 5 seconds

CISCO-SLB-EXT-MIB::cslbxStatsCurrConnections.3 = Gauge32: 6 connections

CISCO-SLB-EXT-MIB::cslbxStatsFailedConns.3 = Counter32: 0 connections

CISCO-SLB-EXT-MIB::cslbxStatsL4PolicyConns.3 = Counter32: 0 connections

CISCO-SLB-EXT-MIB::cslbxStatsL7PolicyConns.3 = Counter32: 0 connections

cesServerFarmRserverTable -

Fresenius-Netcare Tue, 05/26/2009 - 06:13


thank you for the reply.

So one can not get the usage of other CPU using SNMP ?

What about memory usage ?

From your answer I understand that we can only monitor the total amount of connections (cslbxStatsCurrConnections) in a context, but it is not possible to monitor the connections per realserver or per serverfarm. Is that correct ?


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