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May 18th, 2009

Hi all,

Just passed my CCNA Voice exam and thought I'd share with you my experience. Firstly I'll talk about the exam (without breaking any of the NDI rules). The exam was easier than I expected, after seeing the first 4-5 questions I then realised how easy the rest was going to be and without sounding too cocky, I already knew I passed before I reached my 7th question. I am very happy that I've passed so now I can venture onto the CCVP track with a clear understanding of the basics. It is very good that Cisco brought out the CCNA concentration exams but I do feel let down with the price for the exam compared to the questions asked.

There are only a few books or resources out there tailored for the CCNA Voice, so my approach was to watch the CBT Nuggets, read the Cisco Press book and then I read the Cisco Press CVOICE book 3rd edition. When I say read, I merely glanced over the chapters of CVOICE and read each summary chapter. If and when you do this, it will tie all you've learnt from your CCNA Voice resources together. Also, here's a handy tip.. Go through the CVOICE questions listed at the end of each chapter (in the Cisco Press 3rd edition book). If you can answer these questions with ease, then you're confident enough to take your CCNAV exam.

I also noticed there isn't much content for the UC500 configurations out there tailored for the CCNAV exam, so I'd urge you to download some PDFs on the UC500. Nothing too heavy, just basics and screenshots to get yourself familiar with working around this. I wouldn't suggest you got yourself a working lab setup for the CCNAV, but just seeing a few screenshots and knowing which tabs you need to click on to do XYZ (simple stuff) with help you out. I downloaded a good PDF from Cisco's website. Finally I read the CCNA Voice Quick Reference sheet which tied everything all in together.

Having already read the content for the CVOICE exam I may book this exam for next month. I'm sure there are a few details to know and master and maybe some good ol sims that'll expect one to configure.

So all in all, very easy exam (compared to the others I've done CCNA, CCNP) and happy to now work on my CCVP track. Good luck to anyone taking the CCNAV (although I'm sure you don't need it).



I have this problem too.
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shanemcanuff Mon, 05/18/2009 - 17:55

congrats on your exam. Keep up the studies and all the best on you CCVP track.

Walter Solano Wed, 06/03/2009 - 11:37


I passed my CCNA Voice exam like 2 weeks ago.

I use the official CCNA voice book, and also the CBTs.

Its very important to do some Lab practice, because you really need to know the basic configuration of the CME and CUE.

Also if you would like to have more knowledge in CUE and CME, you can check out the configuration guides.

Good luck to anyone taking the CCNA Voice exam.

Best Regards.

Walter S.

Cisco CCNA

Cisco CCNA Voice

accessfehmy Fri, 07/17/2009 - 06:48


Can I write either of 640-460 or 642-436 ( cvoice )to get my ccna voice ? or is only 640-460 that can fetch me the certificate?



attbis_082 Sat, 07/25/2009 - 17:30

congrats. I am taking my CCNA monday and then going for the CCNA voice. I have been a VOIP engineer for quite a while so i am expecting it wont be too difficult for me to master the CCNA Voice. CCNA has been somewhat new to me coming from just a telecom background. Seems like an awful lot of material to cover, but they say nothing worth having is easy to obtain.

Sachin.bhamra Sat, 07/25/2009 - 22:45

Very true Attbis and good luck for Monday.

I wouldn't worry or stress too much about the details for your CCNA. There is a lot of information to cover but the NA more or less skims the surface of each subject, testing to see if you know and understand the basic concept. When you get into the professional exams, that's where it will dive a little deeper into those subjects.

None the less, CCNA was probably my toughest exam compared to the NP track and Im sure a lot of people would agree.

Jiler2008 Mon, 08/03/2009 - 06:48

Congrats on your passing Sachin. I too passed my CCNA Voice about 2-3 months ago. For those who are wishing to go the CCNA Voice track, here's my advise, GET SOME HANDSON LAB EXPERIENCE. My main source was the CCNA Voice Press book and pretty much every chapter I configured it on this UC500 box my company uses for lab equipment. I will stress though that UC500 is not stressed out much in the book and additional resources are needed if you want to grasp a good understanding of the material. Best wishes to all those who are working toward their CCNA Voice.


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