Asa Transparent in a switch with VLAN

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Hi to all

i want configure a switch with 2 different Vlan. I want to use this 2 different VLan for attach in a vlan the outside interface of my asa (that is setup as transparent firewall) and in the other Vlan attach the internal interface of my asa .

Is possible use this configuration ?

I want to setup that because I have the internet router that i want attach in the vlan 1 ( with the outside interface of asa) and then attach in the vlan 2 ( that is internal interface of asa) my protected servers .

I try to use this configuration but asa seems not work ..

thank to all !

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thank for your reply !

you suggest to use a dedicated (separated) hub/switch for internal interface in transparent firewall configuration ?

I attached a schema with two configuration, first i want to realize the configuration that is called "wrong configuration", but after your mail i suppose that in transparent mode the configuration that i can realize is that i call in my attached schema "right configuration" Can you send me your opinion ?

thank very much !!!



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