Help with designing WAAS for daisy chained remote sites

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May 19th, 2009
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I have two remote sites connected to the data center as following. If I deploy WAE to both remote sites and the data center, is this design correct? The goal is to optimize traffic between each remote site and DC, not in between two remote sites.

Remote 1 --(WAN)-- Remote 2 --(WAN)-- DC

WAE Design:

WAE at Remote 1 in Inline Mode;

WAE at Remote 2 in WCCP2 mode;

WAE at Data Center in WCCP2 mode.

The reason is if traffic from Remote 1 to DC is optimized by Remote 1 WAE, it should not be optimized again when going through Remote 2. I'm thinking by using WCCP2 at Remote 2 WAE, I can specify that traffic from Remote 1 subnets should not be redirected to the Remote 2 WAE.

Please advise if I'm thinking right.

Thanks a lot


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The process of designing a distributed WAAS Mobile installation is as follows and provides the documentation outline for this Cisco WAAS Mobile Network Design Guide:


Locate client sites and content servers for acceleration.


Select WAAS Mobile server sites.


Determine network acceleration policy. This determines the relationships between WAAS Mobile clients, WAAS Mobile servers and content servers. It includes all the static and dynamic acceleration and bypass decisions. There may be subsets of clients that require different network acceleration policy.


Size WAAS Mobile server sites.


Select a load balancing method at multi-server sites.


For SSL VPN links that are being optimized with WAAS Mobile, choose whether to optimize application protocols or to optimize transport. This can affect the placement of WAAS Mobile servers and the configuration of WAAS Mobile clients.


Choose policies for Internet access. These policies can be required to allow Internet access with split-tunnel and full-tunnel VPNs.


Design network addressing of servers in server farms. This is needed for client configuration.


Designate one of the WAAS Mobile servers as the controller server and the remaining WAAS Mobile servers as worker servers.


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