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May 20th, 2009
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We have one office in France, we have the language packs installed and it works fine until they dial in from outside the office to check their voicemail, thats when everything is played in english. Any way around this?

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Do both offices use the same number to call into check messages? If so, this will be a little trickier. The key is to configure the call routing rules (usually Direct Call Routing Rules) to recognize either the dialed number or the calling number and play the appropriate language. For instance, if US office dials 1000 and France office dials 2000, then you would have two "Attemp Sign-In" rules at the top of your direct routing rules, one with dialed number of 1000 and language of French and one with dialed number of 2000 and language of French.

If both locations use the same number, you could first route to a call handler that allows options to choose a language selection which in turn routes to a set of call 2 handlers that are set to English and French, respectively and then direct the calls to the sign in function, which will take the routing call handler's language setting.

nixon1234 Wed, 05/20/2009 - 08:33
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All offices use diferent dial in #'s

Also i should mention I am using CCM 7 and unity 7

This is controlled in Unity and the functionality is valid in version 7. Since they all have different dial in rules, then go ahead and create distinct sign in rules in the Direct call routing rules for each DID, specifying the appropriate language in each. Put the new rules in front of (on top) the default "Attempt Sign-in" rule and ensure they each have the correct DID and language specified. Since they are more specific than the default, any call that does not match the dialed number criteria will skip the rule and move on to the next in order.

The only caution I have is that I am assuming that these numbers are designated for voicemail box access only and are used as the pilot numbers in each office, which is a standard scenario. If not, and they are providing some other function via a call handler, you'll need to look at this more carefully.

I got to thinking about this some more. Depending upon how you are routing the DIDs for voicemail access in CallManager, you may need to do some work on the CM side too. For instance, if you are translating the French number(2000) to the main Unity pilot (1000), then all the calls will look as if they are coming into the 1000 number once they hit Unity. You'll need to route the French and any other numbers via a CTI route point or other mechanism to get it to Unity and have it carry it's own called number identity. I know that with a CTI route point, forwarded to the primary Unity pilot, it will come into Unity as a forwarded call, so in this case your French call would need to be a Forwarded Call Routing rule, in the same position as previously described, not a direct call routing rule. Hope this all makes sense. Good luck!


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