Will Cisco be releasing a new CCA-configurable wireless solution for SBCS?

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May 20th, 2009
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There are currently four wireless solutions that are officially supported with the SBCS solution and configurable through Cisco Configuration Assistant:

  • 8 and 16 user models of the UC520 with a built-in wireless access point
  • SR520 with a built-in wireless access point (designed to be used in a SR520 deployment where the SR520 is not positioned in front of a UC520)
  • One to ten standalone AP521 access points
  • WLC526 wireless controller plus two to twelve AP521 lightweight access points

Will there be a Cisco Small Business Pro wireless solution and/or an updated version of the Cisco 500 Series Wireless Express solution that is both officially supported in the SBCS solution and CCA configurable? Will these new solutions have Wireless-N support? Will these new solutions support the SPA525G, 7921, and 7925 IP phones?

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Steven DiStefano Thu, 05/21/2009 - 06:19
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As a SE, I can only speak about what we have to sell today, and we dont have "N" right now, but Voice is fully supported on the 526 controllers with 802.11e, WMM, QoS and CCKM for fast secure roaming.

SBCS 'Mobility Express' is supported from CCA as well (both Standalone AP521s and LWAPP mode with WLC526).

I have both 7921 and SPA525G working on a LWAPP setup in my lab today and did a webcast on it last week (May 7th)


•You can have up to 10 Standalone AP521s in SBCS (without a controller).
•You can have up to 12 AP521s controlled by a WLC526 and up to 2 WLC526s (hence 24 APs) in a single SBCS deployment.

With the SPA525G operating in wireless mode and if using the embedded Access Point in the UC500, a maximum 8 SPA525G phones are supported.

The other Wireless deployment 'models' for the SPA525G you will find in the url below support a total of 16 phones, when using the AP521 external Access point for voice exclusively (no wireless data):


If your office needs more than 16 wireless phones, and you have the license capacity on the UC500, it is possible to increase the number of wireless phones beyond 16. However, this requires additional access points and a WLC526 wireless LAN controller for synchronizing SSIDs and security profiles, and is outside the scope of the CCA 'wizards', but still manageable from CCA.

While the SPA525G phones are intended to be permanent wireless devices and don’t benefit from WLC526 controlled LWAPP AP521s, since they dont require roaming, they will work fine that way in my experience.

And you could use a SPA525G at a SR520W teleworker site, but may not be CCA Wizard supported that way is all.

I am not sure about the 7925 Phone support.  This is more because I dont have one to try, but maybe someone else can clarify that...


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