Question on Unity 7 Network Requirement - Firewall

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May 20th, 2009

hi experts,

i'm currently planning for an upgrade of unity 4 to unity 7 with exchange 2007 as external message store.

i'm reading the network requirement component ( where it says that you can't have unity server separated by firewall from:

- partner exchange server

- DC

- global catalog server

however i'm also reading the unity security guide on the "IP Communications required by Unity" section ( which details the ports used and the direction for each of the server components.

if the ports detailed here are correct, i can technically open up these ports to allow communications btw unity and partner exchange server/DC/global catalog that are on the other side of the firewall - which what i believe is my customer's preferred setup.

can anyone shed some info on why the first documentation says that you can't separate unity with FW?

are there specific reasons which are not detailed here that i'm not aware of?

thanks in adv


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