Joe Clarke Thu, 05/21/2009 - 08:51

There are a lot of new features and subsystems in LMS 3.1. These include the LMS Portal (a Web 2.0 frontend interface which allows customization, and quick reporting), the CiscoWorks Assistant (which allows for wizard like configuration of servers and troubleshooting), SNMPv3 authPriv support, default credentials, VSS support, FTP support for SWIM, Dynamic User Tracking, better scalability, DFM/Campus Manager integration providing fault details on the Topology Map, and quite a few more.

We offer LMS 3.1 as a 90-day eval which you can download from . If you have a spare server, you could install this demo, add up to 100 devices, and test it out to see if it's worth the upgrade for you.

draganskundric Thu, 05/21/2009 - 22:14

ok, great, this is Cisco point of view, but ... nhf .... I' like to hear from someone that is using LMS 3.1 in everydays work, dealing with network issues. Wich software is used in Cisco's NOC for monitoring Cisco network?


Joe Clarke Thu, 05/21/2009 - 22:22

Actually, I work in TAC, and I do work with LMS everyday. I see a lot of customer issues, and I can say that LMS 3.1 has quite a few bug fixes that LM 2.6 does not have. It also has some of its own bugs, too. However, we have patches available for many of them. But ever customers network is different, which is why the eval might be a good idea. It gives you a no risk opportunity to see if the features and fixes in LMS 3.1 are good for you.

I will also add that we are planning another upgrade to LMS 2.6 later this summer to integrate a lot of the bug fixes in LMS 3.x. So, if you don't like or require the new features in LMS 3.1, you may just want to run 2.6 a little longer.

For our own management, we use a mix of our retail tools in addition to some internal tools. Some of the retail tools we use are the Network Analysis Module, MARS, and Cisco Network Registrar.


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