Unity Express 7.0 historical reporting

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May 21st, 2009
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Is anyone successfully using historical reporting with Unity Express 7.0? I have two big problems:

1) Unity Express is logging *all* of my custom autoattendant-handled calls as "abandoned" (rather than handled), despite the fact that I have a "Set Contact Info" step in every "Successful" branch of every "Call Redirect" step of my AA script that marks the contact as "Handled." I've quadrupled-checked this. Consequently, all of the reports are wrong.

2) I can't get any custom variables to get logged with the call record. The Cisco Unity Express 7.0 Guide to Writing Scripts says I need to do a "Get Session Info" to get a reference to the session object of the current call, then use "Set Session Info" on the session to assign a value to attributes named _ccdrVar1 through _ccdrVar10. These, in turn, should show up on Custom Call Variable reports generated by the Cisco UCE Historical Reporting tool in the CV1 through CV10 columns. However, they're not.

3) I can't exclude the MWI and voicemail applications from the "Abandoned Call Report," which would totally skew the reports if they worked in the first place, because they'd inflate the call volume and because all voicemail calls are showing up "handled" while all MWI calls are showing up "abandoned."

Anyone have any experience with this? Or am I beating myself up trying to get a poorly-maintained reporting function to work as expected?

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