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the CSS does not have this option for providing type 301 (permanent) redirects instead of 302's which are temporary

CSS only supports 302 redirects.

There is no support for 301 redirects.

Use the below mentioned URL for configuring redirection.

If you need is replace the http with https, you can use the urlrewrite function.

A quick search in the configuration guide will show you how to use this command.

Configuring Persistence, Remapping, and Redirection on the CSS 11000 and CSS 11500 - Ciscowiki

Configuring Stickiness on a Cisco CSS 11xxx Using HTTP Redirects - Ciscowiki

Kindly find full range of configuration examples on CSS here :

Cisco CSS 11500 Series Content Services Switches

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Cisco CSS 11500 Series Content Services Switches

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