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May 22nd, 2009

We received a NFR CSVB and upon plugging it in via the Quick Start guide, it doesn't work at all.  It powers up, it "appears" ok but you cannot access the management ip of the unit.

We have DATA1 plugged in the local lan (added to a system on the LAN) and plugged DATA2 in to the DMZ with the intent of configuring the inbound mail through it.  However the admin page cannot even accessed, cannot ping the unit, nothing.

First off does anyone have an idea (other than the unit is probably dead) or does anyone have a actual support center fo r the product?  Cisco standard support web site does not even have the CSVB as a valid product.  The only support links I can locate is this Community and I see no contact info for actual phone support anywhere.

Thanks all --


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Eivind Jonassen Fri, 05/22/2009 - 09:02


Aren´t you supposed to make the config on the spam blocker before connecting it to your lan??? The box comes with a static address configured on it if I remember correctly, and then you have to go in through admin pages and reconfigure it, then plug it in to your lan and DMZ..



Update: If it´s anything like the rest of SBCS portfolio it´s probably configured with a address

Eric Fuller Fri, 05/22/2009 - 09:08

You are correct it has to be configured first but that is basically what I'm doing.  The unit has DATA1 which is pre-configured to be  It is simply plugged in to a generic switch (ie. I don't have a laptop to plug in directly).  The fact that DATA2 is plugged in really doesn't matter yet at this point.

So then a computer that is also on the same generic switch has an ip of, and they can't talk to each other.  Even swapped patch cables to confirm the cables are good.

It is as if the unit is used (didn't appear to be, no scratches, etc. on it) and has someone else's config on it (which leads to the question is there a way to REALLY reset it to default) or the unit is having issues.

There is a video port on the back of the unit that has a block cover over it... I wonder if it were removed what I would see on a monitor...


Eric Fuller Fri, 05/22/2009 - 09:55

Yes I found those quides (however thank you for trying to help).  There apparently is no way to reset the unit without getting in to the admin pages (System Setup Wizard will reset it to default but that implies that  you can access it to begin with).

I did wait 5 minutes infact it has been sitting back tehre powered on now for 2 hours.  I am going to try a few more things before I call it quites but right now it appears to be DOA.  Just left a message for the marketing rep that shipped it to us so we'll see what happens.

Other than that if I find out it is "fixable" or they replace it I'll post my results next week.

Thanks and have a good weekend!!


Eivind Jonassen Fri, 05/22/2009 - 10:13


Just an input. Isn´t the box already shipped with a smartnet from the SKU, you just choose between 1 or 3 years??? You could call TAC and open a case..

Have a great weekend



Eric Fuller Fri, 05/22/2009 - 10:21

Technically your correct...

However this isn't the standard CSVB unit.  It is an NFR unit sent to us by Cisco to evaluate for sales purposes so we don't get the luxury of a 1 or 3 year warranty unless we decide to implement it and keep the unit, then we have to purchase the license for it.  Sometimes we keep the products and license them for use and other items we don't and just return.  Depends on how well the hold up and what the marketablity is for us.  So far it isn't impressing anyone however I have to admit it looks good. :)

jhogue Fri, 05/22/2009 - 10:24

Hi Eric,

I have a couple of questions. Hopefully it's not all stuff you've already thought of and ruled out. First of all, is there at least a link light on the Data 1 interface? When you ping the interface, what error do you get? Just a timeout? Maybe try connecting directly to Data 1 and bypass the lan?

The NFR units do come with a 3 year support contract, however the contract is not activated until the registration process happens. Which, of course, requires access to the interface. :) I suspect, however, that if you called support they would help you. If they don't, let me know and I'll escalate. Here are the support numbers:

Best regards,


jsteer Mon, 06/15/2009 - 05:31

Did this issue ever get resolved to your satisfaction?

Simple connectivity tests such as attempting an ssh session to would also help identify issues.


Eric Fuller Mon, 06/15/2009 - 05:54

Short answer is yes we got it resolved although it was hoops of fire to do so.  Essentially no one at Cisco wanted to warranty it since it was part of a Partner Program and we received the unit with a 3 year warranty through that program, however tech support said that when they entered the SN it came back not supported.  So we had to argue a bit with support, even argued with a "head tech dude" from Irvine.  In the end we were told verbally to ship it back to the sales/marketing department and they would send us another unit.

Now we have shipped the dead unit back but we have not received the replacement yet.  I guess we see if we really get one. :)

Thanks for trying to help though.  If we get the new one in and have problems with it I'll post here about it.  Everything I've read it sounds like a nice appliance so we'll see what happens.



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