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May 23rd, 2009


I have a question about SNR. We have setup a demo of 7.1 in our office. There´s one thing I can´t understand, whenever a phone is configured with snr the phone keeps on ringing until the timeout is reached, even if the snr number has answered the phone. As I have understood, this is the correct behavior, but I don´t understand why my deskphone keeps on ringing until the timeout has been reached?!?



I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Marcos Hernandez about 7 years 8 months ago

You are not way off. This is an enhancement to the feature that we will be looking into.



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Marcos Hernandez Sat, 05/23/2009 - 07:50


This is working as designed. You will likely be away from your desk while answering calls on your SNR target. If people around you complain about the ringer volume, you can turn it down.



Eivind Jonassen Mon, 05/25/2009 - 11:44


Why doesn´t the desktop phone stop ringing when the SNR phone answers the call???



David Trad Mon, 05/25/2009 - 20:35

Hi Eivind,

You can reduce the timeout lengh if you want as well, however in doing so it would mean that your Desk Phone will not ring for that long, and it will keep ringing your mobile.

Through my testing there was no idication shown that the System could detect that the Far end picked up the call, so it continues to ring the Desk Phone as a backup measure (<<< I am assuming this is the case), i just made the time out less and if i missed the call on the Desk Phone i just used the Mobility button to pick the call up to avoid it being picked up on the Mobile.

It would make sense though for the system to see if the call was picked up by the far end and then end the ringing, i cant see this as being a technically challange thing to do as it is almost working in bridge mode anyway, the system should be able to see if the SNR Number went to answer or not and then close the bridge, but i guess this would require some re-writing of the feature.



Eivind Jonassen Tue, 05/26/2009 - 09:18


So this is what I´ve tested. Once you call the desktop phone, my mobile phone starts ringing after X seconds, if I answer my mobile, the desk phone keeps on ringing until the timeout (that´s configured) is reached. After the timeout my desk phone puts the call on hold and I get a softkey which I can press to "pull back" the call to my desk phone. So the UC is able to detect that the call has been answered on my mobile, so it should be possible to get my desk phone to stop ringing after I answer my mobile as well, that´s my thoughts on this matter anyways. Or am I way off on this one???



Correct Answer
Marcos Hernandez Fri, 05/29/2009 - 07:01

You are not way off. This is an enhancement to the feature that we will be looking into.



dtbullock Sat, 02/13/2010 - 03:24

Is this enhancement being tracked by some reference number?  I'm interested to know when it lands in a software pack.

Steven DiStefano Sat, 02/13/2010 - 05:29

Its there now David.  It came last release actually.   Fully configurable in CCA 2.x as well.


kristjan.edvardsson Thu, 09/30/2010 - 06:27

I have UC500 version 8.0.4 - I can see that SNR can be configured in the CCA 2.5. But this strange behaviour

of the desk phone still ringing for the timeout even though the GSM call is already answered. So what

do you mean that this is now fixed ?

It seems to me that the timeout is both meant for when to call the SNR number and keeps

on ringing aswell after SNR has answered. Which I think is a terrible "feature" You

can have co-workers picking up for you and so on. Disconnecting the GSM or SNR call somewhere else !

regards. Kristjan Edvardsson