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Given are the steps. Tip look at previously configured phone and just fill in similar settings. Mac address will be unique

1. Open CCM web-page administration page by typing the URL :


2. Go to Device -> Phone

3. Another web-page will open. There on the right hand side of the screen, click on “Add a New Phone”.

4. Another web-page will open with field titled “Phone type*”. Go to the drop-down list, the list of configurable devices appear. Select the appropriate phone type, i.e. Cisco 7940, then click “Next”, the phone configuration window opens up.

5. On the phone configuration page, the following configurations need to be done :

Enter the MAC Address of the phone. This is an absolute must, without which the phone can't be configured.

6. On the “Description” field, preferably configure the name of the person in whose name the phone is being configured.

7. Select the appropriate “Device Pool - ”.

8. Select the appropriate “Calling Search Space - ”.

9. Select the default value “ Standard 7940” in “Phone Button Template”.

10. Select appropriate value in “SoftKey Template”.

11. Leave all other fields as they are & click on “Insert”.

12. On the line configuration page, input the required “Directory Number”

13. Select the appropriate “Partition ”.

14. Select the appropriate “Calling Search Space ”

15. Configure name on the “Alerting Name” filed, do the same on “Display (Internal Caller ID)” .

16. The Line Text Label should be configured in the format “XXXX - Name ”, where XXXX represents the extension.

17. Update & then reset the phone. The phone gets configured in CCM.

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Note:The above procedure is for CCM.

If you are using CME you can copy the ephone and ephone-dn settings.


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