Bradford Magnani Tue, 05/26/2009 - 05:30
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Take a look at this guide which explains what your options are with user deletion when integrated with LDAP:

•If Connection is integrated with an LDAP directory, you must delete the user both in the LDAP directory and in Connection. If you delete the user only in Connection, the LDAP user is unaffected. If you delete the user only in the LDAP directory, in Connection Administration, the Status area on the Edit User Basics page for that user indicates that the Connection user is inactive. The status cannot be changed manually, but after 48 hours, the user is automatically converted to a regular Connection user, and the message in the Status area no longer appears.

Connection functionality is mostly unaffected by the deletion of an LDAP user. However, if you use LDAP authentication for Connection web applications, the user cannot access Connection web applications for the 48 hours after the LDAP user is deleted and before the Connection user is converted to a regular Connection user. After 48 hours, you must enter a new web application password for the user in Connection Administration.

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