Deleting WLAN on H-REAP APs with WLAN Override requires AP reboot

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May 27th, 2009
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Interesting problem here - wonder if anyone can comment on causes etc.

We have a number of H-REAP access points - the WLC 4404 is on a remote site (APs are 1242AGs). These APs are using WLAN override to braodcast only one of the WLANs on the controller.

We added another unencrypted WLAN because we were having problems and this was one thread in getting to the root of them (the WLAN was protected by MAC filtering).

When you apply WLAN override the APs need to be rebooted. And of course when you add another SSID to the WLAN override you need to reboot them again.

What took us by surprise was that on *removing* the unencrypted WLAN at the end of testing the APs also needed to be rebooted.

Nowhere in the documentation did it say this (of course) - but I suppose in retrospect of course it was necessary - just wish that we had figured it out sooner - took a customer's warehouse down for a couple of hours.

So the question is - why do you need to reboot the APs when you *remove* a WLAN that is applied by WLAN override?

Thoughts (apart from the obvious one of "well why didn't you think that it was the reverse of adding a WLAN"). Why should removing one take the whole AP down and disable the other WLANs being broadcast?


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