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May 28th, 2009

Any one know what "Spoofed packets dropped" and the "Packet pullups needed" are? Is the WAAS dropping packets it thinks it's being spoofed? Also, how can I get rid of the pullups? The WCCP setup is as follows; l2 forward/return to a 3750E stack switch, interfaces are setup as standby and the model is a 7371. I'm not using any WCCP redirect list.

Transparent GRE packets received: 0

Transparent non-GRE packets received: 1940435323

Transparent non-GRE non-WCCP packets received: 0

Total packets accepted: 461319375

Invalid packets received: 731

Packets received with invalid service: 0

Packets received on a disabled service: 0

Packets received too small: 0

Packets dropped due to zero TTL: 0

Packets dropped due to bad buckets: 617

Packets dropped due to no redirect address: 0

Packets dropped due to loopback redirect: 227

Pass-through pkts dropped on assignment update:61

Connections bypassed due to load: 0

Packets sent back to router: 1829

GRE packets sent to router (not bypass): 0

Packets sent to another WAE: 63037

GRE fragments redirected: 1116193

GRE encapsulated fragments received: 0

Packets failed encapsulated reassembly: 0

Packets failed GRE encapsulation: 0

Packets dropped due to invalid fwd method: 0

Packets dropped due to insufficient memory: 0

Packets bypassed, no conn at all: 0

Packets bypassed, no pending connection: 0

Packets due to clean wccp shutdown: 0

Packets bypassed due to bypass-list lookup: 166

Packets received with client IP addresses: 460833489

Spoofed packets dropped: 57416

Conditionally Accepted connections: 0

Conditionally Bypassed connections: 0

L2 Bypass packets destined for loopback: 0

Packets w/WCCP GRE received too small: 0

Packets dropped due to received on loopback: 219

Packets dropped due to IP access-list deny: 0

Packets fragmented for bypass: 0

Packets fragmented for egress: 0

Packet pullups needed: 5484

Packets dropped due to no route found: 0

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