strip the "from' address using a content filter?

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Is it possible to strip the "from" address (or modify it) using a content rule? I played around with the "remove header" option, but didn't have much luck. Part of the problem is I can't find what the valid header syntax should be. Would it just be "from"?

I'm pretty sure it can be done though masquerading, but I really just want to do it for one recipient and would prefer not to impact the entire org.


I have this problem too.
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Knuto0815 Tue, 06/02/2009 - 11:12


Try using the "edit-header-text" command of the message filters. I tried it myself and it did the trick. Example:

if (recv-listener == "receiving listener") AND (mail-from == "from-address") AND (rcpt-to == "rcpt-to-address")
edit-header-text ('From', 'from-address', 'altered_from-address');

Thanks! I setup a content rule using the headers you listed and it seems to be working. Still testing it though, so if it fails I'll give the message filter a try.

One thing I noticed (if anyone else tries) is that on the content rules, if you strip the "from" header it appears to only remove the "from" display name, but not the bracketed from address. If you add an alternate "from" header it seems to completely replace it. It may have been picking up the envelope from as opposed to the message from? Anyway seems to be working now.

Thanks again!


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