IPCC Enterprise - Historical Database Issue - Urgent!! Please help

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May 31st, 2009
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Hello All,

I have a question, hope someone will address this, We are in a deep trouble.

IPCC 7.2.4

Rogger Duplex.

AW Duplex / Web View/ HDS Duplex

PG's Duplex

Since web-view reporting is not meeting customer requirement, we proposed them for Crystal reports.

Customer gave us Dump data from Rogger server and we created reports based on Agents/ Call Drops/ Daily report etc etc.

We used three tables for all our reports

1) Agent table

2) Skill Group Table

3) Call Termination table

Reports works fine with the dump database and when we connect to Live Rogger DB using ODBC reports run well but complete data is not there, like if i query for this month data from 1st may till 31st may 2009, i get data from 15th May till 31st may. We understand that this database is not the historical. So we connected to our HDS Database via ODBC link.

However to our surprise, we dint get any data when we run the reports and when we digged into the database tables we dint see any data in the Agent Table & for Skill group table but data is there in Call Termination Table in HDS database which we in Rogger's database we see in all three tables.

Also AW database which is on the same server as HDS has the data for all three tables.

When i read documentation it says HDS has copy of AW database, but to our disappointment we dont have data in the database and we have to handover the reports by tomorrow.

I am not sure if we are missing something or is the the way it is, if its the way it is can i pls get some documentation which state that this...or some expert can help me what could be the cause.

We are in trouble, Please help.



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Don't panic - I think it's all OK.

First of all, it sounds like the Logger database is working correctly. The fact that you only see data from the 15th is in line with a 14 day retention period on the Logger - which is the default setting.

The AW database and the HDS database are not the same. When you query the AW database for the (say) Agent_Half_Hour table, you are actually looking at a view of a table in the HDS. (Open SQL Enterprise and look at the Views in the AW - examine the definition of this view).

The real data is in the HDS database, but it is not in the Agent_Half_Hour table, it is in the t_Agent_Half_Hour table. You can modify your report to pull from the "t_" table.

Check it out with SQL Query Analyzer. I bet all the data is there.



daljeetsingh1_2 Mon, 06/01/2009 - 03:09
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Hello Geoff, Thanks for responding to the forum.

When we developed crystal reports we used Logger database so the fields which we used were from Agent Table and Skill group table of Logger server. Similar data and fields i can find them in AW-DB, but not in HDS database. As per your above explanation when i check "t_agent" and "t_Skill_group" tables, i dont see anything in HDS database..

And to add your above e.g. for Agent_half_hour, i can see data in t_agent_half_hour but not in "t_Agent" & "t_skill_group"

Any thoughts?



david.macias Mon, 06/01/2009 - 04:56
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Geoff was talking about adding t_ to any table you're trying to connect to in the HDS. So if the you have is agent_half_hour then change it to t_agent_half_hour.


daljeetsingh1_2 Mon, 06/01/2009 - 05:08
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David, i understood what Geoff mentioned in the post and in HDS DB i see t_agent_half_hour as separate table & so as agent_half_hour table & both the tables has same data.

But its not true in my case when i am using Agent table or say t_agent and skill_group table or say t_skill_group :).

If you have system in front of you. Can you check in Logger database for these two tables. (Agent & Skill_group table).. you must be having data.

And same tables in AW database, and HDS(in HDS t_agent and t_skill_group).

I just want to see if there is some issue with my database or is it the way it is.


Riccardo Bua Mon, 06/01/2009 - 05:15
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Hi Daljeet,

it is hard to know without checking the specific, but most likely you are trying to access real time tables on the HDS in the HDS DB, those tables are most likely updated only in AWDB.

You need to access data with the t_ as others said to access the tables, others are views.



daljeetsingh1_2 Mon, 06/01/2009 - 05:22
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Hi Riccards,

If i understand correctly, you mean to say that records under HDS DB will be there in t_agent and t_skill_group not under Agent and skill_group tables?

If thats correct, i am checking t_skill_group & t_agent under HDS DB only but i am not seeing any record in them.

Or shall i check in AWDB for t_ tables?

I am sorry guys for making this confusing but this is what i see, thats why i am keep coming back to you.



Riccardo Bua Mon, 06/01/2009 - 09:31
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Hi Daljeet,

please check on the DB Schema Document for further clarification, there are Config Tables, Real Time Tables, Historical Tables, all those tables will retain data based on their retention period that could be set differently between Logger and AWs.

The HDS will not have any config data replicated, hence the agent table will be empty.

Without knowing in details what you are after and how you are retrieving the data in Crystal Report it is hard to provide you a comprehensive reply.

See this technote to check on the agent data replication to be properly configured:




daljeetsingh1_2 Mon, 06/01/2009 - 10:30
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Thanks Riccardo for providing the URL, i will check the details. Much appreciated!!

I understand completly when you say this statement"Without knowing the details what are you after and how". I believe there's always a first time for everyone, this is our very first time with IPCC enterprise and we are lerning this hard way. I know my questions may sound silly but i dont mind if experts like you and others in this forum bang me here an there for less IPCC knowledge.

Hope you guys will understand!!


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