H323 Gateway resets correct outbound dialing issue:

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Jun 2nd, 2009

We are having to reset H323 gateways at remote sites every 2-3 weeks it seems, not all just a few. The sites complain that they are unable to make outbound calls so we reset the gateway in call manager and the issue is resolved. Has anyone else experienced this and found a final resolution? We are running CCM 5.1.3

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philjaeger Tue, 06/02/2009 - 06:45

Thank you for the response. I am will review the bug ID's. The router version is 12.4.19.

Nicholas Matthews Tue, 06/02/2009 - 15:25

I doubt that this is a gateway issue.

H323 gateways do not have any type of persisting connection or registration to CUCM. If there is an ongoing call there may be a TCP connection up on 1720, but that is it.

I think there is a higher likelihood that the issue is in CUCM with regards to the route pattern/list and hunting algorithms.



philjaeger Wed, 06/03/2009 - 04:29

Cisco TAC responded with a similiar response. h225d component is failing for the gateways that have issues. Reset creates new h225 process in CUCM. Thank you for the response.

sedivimark Wed, 07/22/2009 - 06:50

Hi There!

We have the same problem at our customer. Users at certain sites can't call out via H.323 gateway located there, and this occurs randomly, probably anywhere, at any site.

What was the solution for your case?

Did you upgrade to the latest 5.1.x, or upgrade further to 6.x?

Thank you in advance!

Mark Sedivi

philjaeger Wed, 07/22/2009 - 07:00

No resolution as of yet. TAC is waiting for the next occurence so we can debug, which is kind of hard because our sites can't receive customer calls.

aman.kapuria Wed, 05/16/2012 - 20:58

Hi Mate,

got exactly same scenario but cucm 8.5. did you ever managed to fix it?

Ramesh Lagichetty Sat, 08/18/2012 - 03:48

Hi Aman,

Did you have a resolution to this issue? We had two instances in last week with same issue where outbound calls did not  work while inbound calls worked. Believe the call setup could not make it to the gateway as there was no Q931 logs. Reset of the H323 gateway on CUCM 8.0 fixed the problem both the times. Please answer with steps that resolved this issue for you.



aman.kapuria Sun, 08/19/2012 - 00:10


we realized that when we moved to the new office, we renamed the old gateways in the cucm to new gateways (rename as in new ip). that seem to have caused some confusion in h225d instance randomly . so i deleted the gateways in cucm and added them back followed by the cucm cluster reload. havent had any issues since then.



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