Music on Hold with a cell phone

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Douglas Smith Tue, 06/02/2009 - 08:02


If you are you running both live feed and MOH from flash they may be conflicting. Please disable the live feed to verify.


Douglas Smith

Douglas Smith Tue, 06/02/2009 - 09:32


Can you please attach a show running config please.

I would expect to see something like the following:

moh minuet.wav

However I'd like to be sure no live feed configuration remains.

This would look something like the following:

voice-port 1/1/0
operation 4-wire
signal immediate
dial-peer voice 7777 pots
destination-pattern 7777
port 1/1/0
ephone-dn 55
number 5555
moh out-call 7777


Douglas Smith

I do have these lines:

ephone-dn  9
number BCD no-reg primary
description MoH
moh out-call ABC

dial-peer voice 5 pots
description ** MOH Port **
destination-pattern ABC
port 0/4/0
no sip-register

voice-port 0/4/0
signal immediate
input gain auto-control -15
description Music On Hold Port

Should I remove them?

I just unchecked the live feed box in CCA.  That is the extent of what I did.

Douglas Smith Tue, 06/02/2009 - 15:03


Looks like both sections for external MOH are in your config, I believe disableing them will provide the result your looking for. 

Please disable the ephone-dn 9.

To disable this via cli please issue

  ephone-dn 9

  no moh out-call ABC

Alternately we can disable the voice-port as well.

The voice-port 0/4/0 is the external MOH port,

To disable this via cli please issue

disable external MOH port
  voice-port 0/4/0


Douglas Smith


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