Broadcast Hunting from a Pilot Point

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Jun 4th, 2009
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Pilot point works fine on circular or FA, but I cant get Broadcast to work. The call goes straight to the queue and stays there, will not ring any group member.

I must be missing something simple.

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scott.hammond Thu, 06/04/2009 - 10:00
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Yep, I've read that several times.

If you notice example 10-4 step 3 it says that while the call is in queue the pilot checks for available members and then rings one. That is the bit that isnt happening. The call will sit in there until the cows come home and never actually goes to a phone.

scott.hammond Thu, 06/04/2009 - 10:02
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Which brings me to my next question. If you do First Available as the algorithm on the pilot say it goes to Jen at extension 1001 and she doesnt answer. it goes to her unity mailbox....I need it to roll to the next member.

Easily done in the Avaya world but the cisco parallel is escaping me.

Jonathan Schulenberg Thu, 06/04/2009 - 11:35
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In section 10-4, step three "...Jones/Line #1 is available and, therefore, broadcasts the call to Mary Brown/Line #1 and Doris Jones/Line #1." means it will appear in the Broadcast Calls section of the Attendant Console software.

A few paragraphs above that statement it specifically states that "Attendant Console does not automatically send the calls to an attendant" (when the Hunt Pilot is in Broadcast mode).

As for remaining in queue indefinitely: You must specify an "always route" member and specify values for the Queue Size and Hold Time parameters (also conveniently mentioned in the same section).

Lastly, this same document talks about call forwarding. In the restrictions section it states "Disable call forwarding for lines and directory numbers on Cisco Unified IP Phones that are used as attendant consoles."

This means it is not supported to place any call forwarding (to voice mail or anywhere else) on the AC user DN. This is why it leaves the caller in the Broadcast Calls window. If the operator is not actually ready to take the call, it remains in queue for another operator until the Hold Time threshold has been met.

With First Available or Circular logic, when the operator is online and not busy as defined by the Busy Trigger on their DN, it will transfer the caller to that operator's DN. The call will ring until: A) the operator answer the call; or, B) the caller hangs up. There is no call forwarding allowed here.

Also, a reminder that End of Life has been announced on the Cisco Attendant Console. It will no longer function beginning in version 8.0, due out early next year. You may want to begin reviewing the replacement products: Cisco Unified Department/Business/Enterprise Attendant Console.

scott.hammond Thu, 06/04/2009 - 11:45
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"A few paragraphs above that statement it specifically states that "Attendant Console does not automatically send the calls to an attendant" (when the Hunt Pilot is in Broadcast mode).

" - saw that too, since it was a contradiction I took it in my favor:)

But, I gave up on pilot broadcast mode, that just will not work based on our environment.

There has to be a way around in Circular logic, it just seems pointless to have it go to one person and never attempt the next.

In the Avaya world you can A- log out of the skill or go into AUX B-DND C-do a RONA or D-do a CAG. Basically endless options. These users were all on an Avaya system prior and had much more flexibility.

Which has lead me to the Forward No Coverage options, that I am feverishly trying understand.

scott.hammond Thu, 06/04/2009 - 12:33
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Okay a potential fix is to forward back to the pilot point on internal RNA from each of the attendant DN's.

But then they have to give up their personal VM.

Even that will suck though. If my third hunt membor is a CTIRP that forwards to an old Broadcast Hunt Pilot and it is "route always" it will only get a hit in circular if both of the attendants are BUSY. If I do the RNA forwarding the call would potentially loop until attendant B picked up- it would never route to the CTIRP.

Man I thought this was going to be simple.....

(all of this excercise is due to the fact that the AC does not have visibility into calls parked from a Hunt Pilot and the attendants are furious)

Jonathan Schulenberg Fri, 06/05/2009 - 06:39
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Your statement "But then they have to give up their personal VM" leads me to believe you are using the user's primary DN for AC calls? You should be adding a separate line/DN to the user's phone explicitly for AC calls.

Again, CALL FORWARDING IS NOT SUPPORTED ON OPERATOR LINES. You should not be using it on a line that the AC hunt pilot is routing calls to.

Also, your statement about parked call display doesn't make sense. Assuming you have not violated any of the rules listed in the restrictions section and properly configured the AC, parked calls will display properly.

There is a reason Cisco has announced End of Life on this "feature"...

scott.hammond Tue, 06/09/2009 - 05:02
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First off, adding additional DN's is out of the question due to realestate constraints on the cisco phones. On a 10 year old avaya phone you can page over 3 times to 24 different buttons. On a sophisticated new cisco phone you have whatever buttons you have and that is it. We are using 7962's, so there are 6 buttons and thats it. This phone is more advanced than the hardware on the Apollo mission but it lacks simple functionality that Avaya/Nortel and every other player has.

I attempted call forwarding from the Pilot point DN's to achieve a realistic ACD, which again is a very very simple task in Avaya/Nortel and there are about 12 different options to achieve it. Which leads me to believe that there is in fact a simple way to achieve it in the cisco as well and I am just missing it. In a circular algorithm what happens if an operator steps away? The call rings FOREVER and never rolls to the next attendant phone. This is highly impractical and there has to be a way to roll it to the next phone on RNA.

Call Parks in AC from Hunt Pilots is not supported, per TAC. It is not listed as a known restriction, but they are more than willing to tell you about it if you call and ask. it is not supported strictly because it works and then it stops working for some unknown reason. Since they are EOLing the thing they have little reason to fix it.

I would happily use the ARC console but I suspect it wont do what I need it to do either and I dont want to invest in something that I cant use.

Give me the means to RNA a Pilot point circular call to the next member and I will buy you lunch.

Im not asking for the world, just a little RNA timer option.



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