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rmward123_ironport Mon, 06/08/2009 - 02:06
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It is my understanding this is suppose to be part of a future upgrade. You can enable the End-User Quarantine Access which will allow users to go the web address (https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:83 and view their own spam. We use AD so we enabled the LDAP and the users don't have to remember a new user id / password. Just send the link to users you want to give access. While not perfect it works us....until they start sharing it with everyone, but by then we hope they'll have this as a feature.

jeffwong_ironport Tue, 06/09/2009 - 02:59
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Thanks for your reply! Do you think is it possible to filter out the unexpected recipients by setting up an outgoing content filter?

kyerramr Tue, 06/09/2009 - 05:01
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By default, ISQ notifications do not pass through the workqueue (filters, etc...). So, you cannot setup filters for these messages.

AFAIK, you could filter this if you use centralized quarantine (either an M-series appliance or a secondary IronPort).


- C-series forwards all Spam quarantine messages to M-series (M-series IP listed as centralized quarantine)
- Setup a new interface/IP on the M-series and set the old IP for a /32 subnetmask. This way all deliveries will be forced out of the new IP to the C-series appliance.
- Set the new IP of M-series in relaylist and then create an outgoing filter with your conditions.

Secondary C-series with centralized quarantine:

- If your Secondary C-series used a different interface/IP for notification delivery then list this IP in the relaylist of the other C-series and apply outgoing filter with your conditions.



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