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Jun 7th, 2009

HYe friends i want to use meet me conferencing in my CCM 5. i dont have any idea how to do it. Please suggest me how i move further.

Thanks in Advance

I have this problem too.
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david-lima Mon, 06/08/2009 - 06:44

Hi friend, go to Call Routing > Meet-Me Number/Pattern and create a unique number and assign a partition. To initiate the meetme conference on IP Phone, go off-hook and press meetme softket and dial the meetme number, the other phones can join to the conference only dialing the mettme number.

All the best


fahadqureshi Mon, 06/08/2009 - 22:37

Dear David

Thanks for your concern i tried that. I define one number 1111 with the partition, then i went to phone off hook that and press more button and press meet-me button and dial my that 1111 number. but once i finished to dial it give me . ton ton ton tone :)....... please help me how i solve this

Thanks in advance


david-lima Tue, 06/09/2009 - 05:27

Hi friend, make sure that the meetme number is unique, that the ip phones that initiate the meetme confer has access to the partition assigned to the meetme number and that the ip phone has configured a MRGL.

All the best


fahadqureshi Wed, 06/10/2009 - 01:09

Hye Frds ...

do i need a extra license or some extra server to configure Meet me conference ?

hi there, no you do not need a license or an extra server to configure meetme conference. You just need to configure the meetme directory number/pattern and ensure it is in a partition available to the IP phones that will be using it. Ensure that there are conferencing resources assigned to the MRGLs used by the phones, and update your softkey template so users can access "meetme" and you should be good to go.

fahadqureshi Wed, 06/10/2009 - 12:53

Thanks for your reply.....

i also want to know one thing how i assigned MRGLs to phone ?

fahadqureshi Wed, 06/10/2009 - 22:08

Thank you so much for your reply.....

I go through that document. now the thing is i define one meet me number let say 333 and i define MRGL with the name of Meet-me, then i associate my 7911 phone with that MRGL after that why i try to dial that 333 number but phone is giving me continuously tone.

Hi. To set up a meet-me call, the first person has to establish it by going off hook and selecting "Meet-Me" from the softkey buttons and then dialing the meet-me DN (333). After this, you will be the first member of the conference and others can simply dial 333 to join you (they don't have to use the meetme softkey, so you could assign a DID and outside callers could join the bridge).

fahadqureshi Wed, 06/10/2009 - 22:41

hi.....I did the same thing.......... but i am getting ton ton ton ring now...... my outgoing pattern is 9.[1-9]!....... i don't know what exactly is the probelm :( please help me


Can you tell us exactly the buttons you are pressing on the phone, one by one with detail? The outgoing dial pattern of 9.[1-9]! should not really be involved here. Maybe screen shot your Meet-me pattern configuration, you IP phone config, the CSS and the MRGL configs that the phone is using and post here as well, if that is ok. It might help us help you better.

david-lima Tue, 06/23/2009 - 06:17

Hi, you don't have any MRG assigned to your MRGL.

Check if IP Voice Media Streaming Application service is running.

Create a MRG and assign it the conference and media termination point media resources, then assign the MRG to the MRGL Meetme that you created.

All the best


fahadqureshi Mon, 06/29/2009 - 23:49

Hi David

Thanks for your reply. still i am confuse how to do that. i define some step as per my understanding, also attached the screen shoots for your reference can you guide me more in details. i will very thank full to you.

david-lima Tue, 06/30/2009 - 05:02

Hi friend, in your media resource group (For Meet-me) add the CFB_2 and the MOH_2 resource.

Then Save and Reset and try again with a meet-me confer.

All the best


fahadqureshi Tue, 06/30/2009 - 05:47

Thanks David for your kind help.

I did those steps that u mention in your previous post. But after all that still i am facing a problem. When i press the meet me button on my Ip phone and dial the number that i define for meet- me . i got a continuous tone.

david-lima Tue, 06/30/2009 - 07:31

Hi friend, make sure that the Calling Search Space that is asigned to your ip phone contains the partition that is configured for your meet-me number.

Restart the IP Voice Stream App and try.

All the best



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