How to prepare CCNA when you are a networking newbie

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Jun 8th, 2009


I come from programming world and I am entering (more slowly than I wanted) into the Networking world. I'm gaining some experience in my daily work and also I'm trying to learn from Communications every time I can.

I would also like to take CCNA exam, and then I have some doubts about how to prepare the exam.

I have much material (Cisco Press Books, Cisco Learning Product, CDs, DVDs, Internet...) but don't know where to start from and which "path" to follow...

Is there anyone that can help this poor lost guy?



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Danilo Dy Tue, 06/09/2009 - 03:46

Its glad to know that a programmer want to learn networking.

IMO, application developers/support should learn basic networking. This will add value to them and help them in securing the application during the design cycle up to its deployment. ISC2 is now targetting application developers in their new certification CSSLP

For start, it is important to learn the basic of networking. Too much to read/learn in a short time will only end you not learning anything, confuse, and turned off.

I come from CAD/CAM, Engineering, IT-Systems (with little programming), to IT-Networking. The first book I read about networking is "Networking for Dummies, 1st Edition", during that time, internet is a luxury (I don't have one at home and office). So I only have that single source of knowledge about networking. I was able to setup a 20-user File&Print network running in Novell Netware 4.x. Pretty cool huh?

The reason I choose "Networking for Dummies" is because it covers network history a little (not too much but informative) and provides you basic networking knowledge in a fun way, it also show pictures of items it discuss (e.g. Network Card, Router, Switch, Hub). Learning new things should be fun so as not to bore you.

Unless you already know basic networking, then "Networking for Dummies" is NOT for you. You should get Sybex CCNA book, which is the second book I read about networking and passed my CCNA exam in my first try.

Once you learn basic networking and passed your CCNA. You have to decide which path to follow as there are multiple paths to network specialization

Routing and Switching is the most popular, next is Security which is NOT only popular but IMPORTANT!

walter.perera Wed, 06/10/2009 - 04:27

Hi Medan:

Thanks for your reply. I will have to try with Cisco Press books because there is not "funding" to buy Sybex... Thanks!


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